Holidays and Observances in Fun for 2022

Below is a listing of all major fun and quirky holidays. Click on any holiday below for more details and dates for the next 10 years. Have a look at our calendar with fun holidays pages for ready made printable calendars with fun holidays.


DateDayHoliday NameHoliday Type
Jan 1SaturdayPolar Bear Plunge DayObservance
Jan 2SundayBuffet DayObservance
Jan 2SundayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It DayObservance
Jan 2SundayScience Fiction DayObservance
Jan 3MondayFruitcake Toss DayObservance
Jan 3MondayFestival of Sleep DayObservance
Jan 4TuesdayTrivia DayObservance
Jan 5WednesdayBird DayObservance
Jan 6ThursdayBean DayObservance
Jan 7FridayOld Rock DayObservance
Jan 8SaturdayEarths Rotation DayObservance
Jan 9SundayStatic Electricity DayObservance
Jan 9SundayWord Nerd DayObservance
Jan 10MondayClean Off Your Desk DayObservance
Jan 10MondayCut Your Energy Costs DayObservance
Jan 11TuesdayLearn Your Name in Morse Code DayObservance
Jan 12WednesdayMarzipan DayObservance
Jan 13ThursdayMake Your Dreams Come True DayObservance
Jan 14FridayOrganize Your Home DayObservance
Jan 15SaturdayStrawberry Ice Cream DayObservance
Jan 15SaturdaySoup Swap DayObservance
Jan 16SundayNothing DayObservance
Jan 17MondayBenjamin Franklin DayObservance
Jan 17MondayKid Inventors DayObservance
Jan 17MondayDitch New Years Resolution DayObservance
Jan 18TuesdayThesaurus DayObservance
Jan 19WednesdayTin Can DayObservance
Jan 19WednesdayPopcorn DayObservance
Jan 20ThursdayPenguin Awareness DayObservance
Jan 21FridaySquirrel Appreciation DayObservance
Jan 22SaturdayHot Sauce DayObservance
Jan 23SundayHandwriting DayObservance
Jan 24MondayGlobal Belly Laugh DayObservance
Jan 24MondayNational Compliment DayObservance
Jan 24MondayMacintosh Computer DayObservance
Jan 25TuesdayOpposite DayObservance
Jan 26WednesdaySpouses DayObservance
Jan 27ThursdayChocolate Cake DayObservance
Jan 28FridayData Privacy DayObservance
Jan 28FridayFun at Work DayObservance
Jan 29SaturdayPuzzle DayObservance
Jan 30SundayCroissant DayObservance
Jan 31MondayBackwards DayObservance
Feb 2WednesdayDay of the CrepeObservance
Feb 2WednesdayPlay Your Ukulele DayObservance
Feb 3ThursdayCarrot Cake DayObservance
Feb 4FridayWork Naked DayObservance
Feb 4FridayThank Your Mailman DayObservance
Feb 4FridayCreate a Vacuum DayObservance
Feb 4FridayStuffed Mushroom DayObservance
Feb 5SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayObservance
Feb 5SaturdayNational Weatherpersons DayObservance
Feb 5SaturdayChocolate Fondue DayObservance
Feb 6SundayLame Duck DayObservance
Feb 7Mondaye DayObservance
Feb 7MondaySend a Card to a Friend DayObservance
Feb 8TuesdayLaugh and Get Rich DayObservance
Feb 9WednesdayToothache DayObservance
Feb 9WednesdayBagel and Lox DayObservance
Feb 10ThursdayUmbrella DayObservance
Feb 11FridayMake a Friend DayObservance
Feb 11FridayDont Cry Over Spilled Milk DayObservance
Feb 12SaturdayDarwin DayObservance
Feb 13SundayWorld Radio DayObservance
Feb 14MondayClean Out Your Computer DayObservance
Feb 14MondayFerris Wheel DayObservance
Feb 14MondayLibrary Lovers DayObservance
Feb 15TuesdayGumdrop DayObservance
Feb 16WednesdayDo a Grouch a Favor DayObservance
Feb 17ThursdayRandom Act of Kindness DayObservance
Feb 18FridayBattery DayObservance
Feb 19SaturdayChocolate Mint DayObservance
Feb 22TuesdaySingle Tasking DayObservance
Feb 22TuesdayBe Humble DayObservance
Feb 23WednesdayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayObservance
Feb 24ThursdayTortilla Chip DayObservance
Feb 26SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers DayObservance
Feb 26SaturdayPistachio DayObservance
Feb 26SaturdayTell a Fairy Tale DayObservance
Feb 27SundayNo Brainer DayObservance
Feb 28MondayPublic Sleeping DayObservance
Mar 1TuesdayWorld Compliment DayObservance
Mar 1TuesdayPlan a Solo Vacation DayObservance
Mar 2WednesdayOld Stuff DayObservance
Mar 3ThursdayI Want You to be Happy DayObservance
Mar 4FridayMarch Forth and Do Something DayObservance
Mar 5SaturdayLearn What Your Name Means DayObservance
Mar 5SaturdayCinco de MarchoObservance
Mar 6SundayDentists DayObservance
Mar 7MondayAlexander Graham Bell DayObservance
Mar 8TuesdayProofreading DayObservance
Mar 10ThursdayMario DayObservance
Mar 11FridayOatmeal Nut Waffle DayObservance
Mar 12SaturdayAlfred Hitchcock DayObservance
Mar 13SundayJewel DayObservance
Mar 14MondayNapping DayObservance
Mar 14MondayPi DayObservance
Mar 15TuesdayEverything You Think is Wrong DayObservance
Mar 16WednesdayEvery Thing You Do is Right DayObservance
Mar 17ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid DayObservance
Mar 17ThursdaySubmarine DayObservance
Mar 18FridayAwkward Moments DayObservance
Mar 19SaturdayLets Laugh DayObservance
Mar 20SundayWorld Storytelling DayObservance
Mar 20SundayProposal DayObservance
Mar 21MondayCommon Courtesy DayObservance
Mar 22TuesdayInternational Goof Off DayObservance
Mar 23WednesdayWorld OK DayObservance
Mar 23WednesdayPuppy DayObservance
Mar 23WednesdayNear Miss DayObservance
Mar 24ThursdayChocolate Covered Raisins DayObservance
Mar 25FridayEat a Waffle DayObservance
Mar 25FridayTolkien Reading DayObservance
Mar 26SaturdayMake Up Your Own Holiday DayObservance
Mar 27SundaySpanish Paella DayObservance
Mar 28MondaySomething on a Stick DayObservance
Mar 29TuesdaySmoke and Mirrors DayObservance
Mar 30WednesdayTake a Walk in the Park DayObservance
Mar 31ThursdayBunsen Burner DayObservance
Apr 1FridayWalk to Work DayObservance
Apr 3SundayWorld Party DayObservance
Apr 4MondayTell a Lie DayObservance
Apr 5TuesdayRead a Road Map DayObservance
Apr 5TuesdayFirst Contact DayObservance
Apr 6WednesdaySorry Charlie DayObservance
Apr 10SundaySiblings DayObservance
Apr 11MondayBarbershop Quartet DayObservance
Apr 12TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers DayObservance
Apr 12TuesdayGrilled Cheese DayObservance
Apr 12TuesdayYuris NightObservance
Apr 13WednesdayScrabble DayObservance
Apr 14ThursdayInternational Moment of Laughter DayObservance
Apr 14ThursdayReach as High as You Can DayObservance
Apr 14ThursdayLook up the Sky DayObservance
Apr 16SaturdayEggs Benedict DayObservance
Apr 16SaturdayWear Pajamas to Work DayObservance
Apr 16SaturdayRecord Store DayObservance
Apr 17SundayHaiku Poetry DayObservance
Apr 18MondayColumnist DayObservance
Apr 20WednesdayLook Alike DayObservance
Apr 22FridayJelly Bean DayObservance
Apr 23SaturdayTake a Chance DayObservance
Apr 23SaturdayImpossible Astronaut DayObservance
Apr 23SaturdayLovers DayObservance
Apr 24SundayWorld Pinhole Photography DayObservance
Apr 25MondayDNA DayObservance
Apr 26TuesdayPretzel DayObservance
Apr 26TuesdayRichter Scale DayObservance
Apr 28ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayObservance
Apr 29FridayZipper DayObservance
Apr 30SaturdayHonesty DayObservance
May 4WednesdayStar Wars DayObservance
May 6FridayNo Pants DayObservance
May 6FridaySpace DayObservance
May 6FridayBeverage DayObservance
May 7SaturdayAstronomy Day 1stObservance
May 7SaturdayHerb DayObservance
May 7SaturdayFree Comic Book DayObservance
May 9MondayEurope DayObservance
May 9MondayLost Sock Memorial DayObservance
May 10TuesdayClean Up Your Room DayObservance
May 11WednesdayNational School Nurse DayObservance
May 11WednesdayTwilight Zone DayObservance
May 11WednesdayEat What You Want DayObservance
May 12ThursdayLimerick DayObservance
May 13FridayFrog Jumping DayObservance
May 14SaturdayDance Like a Chicken DayObservance
May 15SundayChocolate Chip DayObservance
May 17TuesdayPack Rat DayObservance
May 18WednesdayNo Dirty Dishes DayObservance
May 19ThursdayMay Ray DayObservance
May 20FridayPizza Party DayObservance
May 20FridayBe a Millionaire DayObservance
May 21SaturdayTalk Like Yoda DayObservance
May 22SundayBuy a Musical Instrument DayObservance
May 24TuesdayScavenger Hunt DayObservance
May 25WednesdaySing Out DayObservance
May 25WednesdayTowel DayObservance
May 26ThursdayWorld Lindy Hop DayObservance
May 27FridaySun Screen DayObservance
May 28SaturdayHamburger DayObservance
May 29SundayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge DayObservance
May 30MondayMy Buckets Got a Hole DayObservance
May 31TuesdayMacaroon DayObservance
Jun 1WednesdaySay Something Nice DayObservance
Jun 2ThursdayLeave the Office Early DayObservance
Jun 3FridayNational Doughnut DayObservance
Jun 3FridayRepeat DayObservance
Jun 4SaturdayHug Your Cat DayObservance
Jun 6MondayDrive In Movie DayObservance
Jun 7TuesdayVCR DayObservance
Jun 8WednesdayBest Friends DayObservance
Jun 9ThursdayDonald Duck DayObservance
Jun 10FridayIced Tea DayObservance
Jun 11SaturdayCorn on the Cob DayObservance
Jun 12SundayRed Rose DayObservance
Jun 13MondaySewing Machine DayObservance
Jun 14TuesdayBourbon DayObservance
Jun 15WednesdayNature Photography DayObservance
Jun 16ThursdayBloomsdayObservance
Jun 17FridayEat Your Vegetables DayObservance
Jun 18SaturdayWorld Juggling DayObservance
Jun 18SaturdayInternational Picnic DayObservance
Jun 19SundaySauntering DayObservance
Jun 21TuesdayDaylight Appreciation DayObservance
Jun 22WednesdayOnion Ring DayObservance
Jun 23ThursdayTypewriter DayObservance
Jun 24FridayTake Your Dog to Work DayObservance
Jun 24FridaySwim a Lap DayObservance
Jun 25SaturdayPlease Take my Children to Work DayObservance
Jun 26SundayChocolate Pudding DayObservance
Jun 27MondayHelen Keller DayObservance
Jun 28TuesdayTau DayObservance
Jun 29WednesdayCamera DayObservance
Jun 30ThursdayMeteor Watch DayObservance
Jul 1FridayInternational Joke DayObservance
Jul 2SaturdayI Forgot DayObservance
Jul 2SaturdayWorld UFO DayObservance
Jul 3SundayCompliment Your Mirror DayObservance
Jul 3SundayInternational Plastic Bag Free DayObservance
Jul 4MondaySidewalk Egg Frying DayObservance
Jul 5TuesdayWorkaholics DayObservance
Jul 6WednesdayWorld Kissing DayObservance
Jul 7ThursdayTell the Truth DayObservance
Jul 8FridayVideo Games DayObservance
Jul 8FridayMath 20 DayObservance
Jul 9SaturdaySugar Cookie DayObservance
Jul 10SundayTeddy Bears Picnic DayObservance
Jul 10SundayClerihew DayObservance
Jul 11MondayCheer Up the Lonely DayObservance
Jul 12TuesdaySimplicity DayObservance
Jul 13WednesdayEmbrace Your Geekness DayObservance
Jul 14ThursdayPandemonium DayObservance
Jul 15FridayGummi Worm DayObservance
Jul 16SaturdayCorn Fritters DayObservance
Jul 17SundayYellow Pig DayObservance
Jul 17SundayWorld Emoji DayObservance
Jul 17SundayIce Cream DayObservance
Jul 18MondayInsurance Nerd DayObservance
Jul 18MondayCaviar DayObservance
Jul 19TuesdayStick Out Your Tongue DayObservance
Jul 20WednesdaySpace Exploration DayObservance
Jul 21ThursdayJunk Food DayObservance
Jul 22FridayPi Approximation DayObservance
Jul 23SaturdayVanilla Ice Cream DayObservance
Jul 24SundayCousins DayObservance
Jul 25MondayCulinarians DayObservance
Jul 26TuesdayUncle and Aunt DayObservance
Jul 27WednesdayTake your Pants for a Walk DayObservance
Jul 28ThursdayMilk Chocolate DayObservance
Jul 29FridayLasagna DayObservance
Jul 30SaturdayNational Cheesecake DayObservance
Jul 31SundayUncommon Musical Instrument DayObservance
Aug 1MondayGirlfriends DayObservance
Aug 2TuesdayIce Cream Sandwich DayObservance
Aug 3WednesdayWatermelon DayObservance
Aug 4ThursdaySingle Working Womens DayObservance
Aug 5FridayInternational Beer DayObservance
Aug 5FridayWork Like a Dog DayObservance
Aug 6SaturdayFresh Breath DayObservance
Aug 7SundaySisters DayObservance
Aug 7SundayLighthouse DayObservance
Aug 8MondayHappiness Happens DayObservance
Aug 9TuesdayBook Lovers DayObservance
Aug 10WednesdayLazyload DayObservance
Aug 11ThursdaySon and Daughter DayObservance
Aug 12FridayMiddle Child DayObservance
Aug 13SaturdayLeft Handers DayObservance
Aug 14SundayCreamsicle DayObservance
Aug 15MondayRelaxation DayObservance
Aug 16TuesdayTell a Joke DayObservance
Aug 17WednesdayThrift Shop DayObservance
Aug 18ThursdayMail Order Catalog DayObservance
Aug 19FridayWorld Photo DayObservance
Aug 20SaturdayChocolate Pecan Pie DayObservance
Aug 21SundaySpumoni DayObservance
Aug 22MondayBe An Angel DayObservance
Aug 23TuesdayRide Like the Wind DayObservance
Aug 24WednesdayPluto Demoted DayObservance
Aug 25ThursdayKiss and Make up DayObservance
Aug 26FridayDog Appreciation DayObservance
Aug 27SaturdayThe Duchess Who Wasnt DayObservance
Aug 28SundayBow Tie DayObservance
Aug 29MondayAccording to Hoyle DayObservance
Aug 30TuesdayFrankenstein DayObservance
Aug 31WednesdayEat Outside DayObservance
Sep 1ThursdayEmma Nutt DayObservance
Sep 1ThursdayNo Rhyme or Reason DayObservance
Sep 2FridayBison Ten Yell DayObservance
Sep 3SaturdaySkyscraper DayObservance
Sep 4SundayEat an Extra Dessert DayObservance
Sep 5MondayBe Late for Something DayObservance
Sep 5MondayCheese Pizza DayObservance
Sep 6TuesdayFight Procrastination DayObservance
Sep 6TuesdayRead a Book DayObservance
Sep 7WednesdaySalami DayObservance
Sep 8ThursdayPardon DayObservance
Sep 9FridayTeddy Bear DayObservance
Sep 10SaturdaySwap Ideas DayObservance
Sep 11SundayMake Your Bed DayObservance
Sep 12MondayChocolate Milkshake DayObservance
Sep 13TuesdayPositive Thinking DayObservance
Sep 13TuesdayRoald Dahl DayObservance
Sep 14WednesdayHug Your Hound DayObservance
Sep 15ThursdayMake a Hat DayObservance
Sep 16FridayCollect Rocks DayObservance
Sep 16FridayWorld Guacamole DayObservance
Sep 17SaturdayNational CleanUp DayObservance
Sep 17SaturdayBatman DayObservance
Sep 17SaturdayInternational Country Music DayObservance
Sep 18SundayRice Krispie Treat DayObservance
Sep 19MondayNational Gymnastics DayObservance
Sep 19MondayInternational Talk Like a Pirate DayObservance
Sep 20TuesdayPunch DayObservance
Sep 21WednesdayMiniature Golf DayObservance
Sep 22ThursdayHobbit DayObservance
Sep 23FridayCheckers DayObservance
Sep 24SaturdayPunctuation DayObservance
Sep 25SundayComic Book DayObservance
Sep 26MondayLove Note DayObservance
Sep 27TuesdayCrush a Can DayObservance
Sep 28WednesdayAsk a Stupid Question DayObservance
Sep 28WednesdayGood Neighbor DayObservance
Sep 30FridayHot Mulled Cider DayObservance
Oct 1SaturdayInternational Coffee DayObservance
Oct 1SaturdayBalloons Around the World DayObservance
Oct 1SaturdayCard Making DayObservance
Oct 1SaturdayAstronomy Day 2ndObservance
Oct 1SaturdayInternational Observe the Moon NightObservance
Oct 2SundayPhileas Fogg Wager DayObservance
Oct 4TuesdayTaco DayObservance
Oct 5WednesdayChic Spy DayObservance
Oct 6ThursdayMad Hatter DayObservance
Oct 7FridayWorld Smile DayObservance
Oct 7FridayFrappé DayObservance
Oct 8SaturdayPierogi DayObservance
Oct 9SundayCurious Events DayObservance
Oct 10MondayHandbag DayObservance
Oct 11TuesdayIts My Party DayObservance
Oct 12WednesdayOld Farmers DayObservance
Oct 13ThursdayInternational Skeptics DayObservance
Oct 15SaturdayI Love Lucy DayObservance
Oct 15SaturdaySweetest DayObservance
Oct 16SundayDictionary DayObservance
Oct 17MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop DayObservance
Oct 17MondayWear Something Gaudy DayObservance
Oct 18TuesdayChocolate Cupcake DayObservance
Oct 20ThursdayInternational Sloth DayObservance
Oct 21FridayCount your Buttons DayObservance
Oct 22SaturdayCaps Lock DayObservance
Oct 23SundayWorld Mole DayObservance
Oct 24MondayBologna DayObservance
Oct 25TuesdaySourest DayObservance
Oct 26WednesdayHowl at the Moon Day and NightObservance
Oct 27ThursdayAmerican Beer DayObservance
Oct 28FridayInternational Animation DayObservance
Oct 29SaturdayInternet DayObservance
Oct 30SundayCandy Corn DayObservance
Oct 31MondayHalloweenObservance
Oct 31MondayMagic DayObservance
Nov 1TuesdayAuthors DayObservance
Nov 2WednesdayDeviled Eggs DayObservance
Nov 3ThursdayMen Make Dinner DayObservance
Nov 3ThursdayWorld Sandwich DayObservance
Nov 4FridayCommon Sense DayObservance
Nov 6SundayZero Tasking DayObservance
Nov 6SundaySaxophone DayObservance
Nov 7MondayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds DayObservance
Nov 8TuesdayTongue Twister DayObservance
Nov 9WednesdayChaos Never Dies DayObservance
Nov 10ThursdayForget Me Not DayObservance
Nov 10ThursdayVanilla Cupcake DayObservance
Nov 11FridayOrigami DayObservance
Nov 12SaturdayHappy Hour DayObservance
Nov 13SundayWorld Kindness DayObservance
Nov 13SundaySadie Hawkins DayObservance
Nov 14MondaySpicy Guacamole DayObservance
Nov 14MondayPickle DayObservance
Nov 15TuesdayClean Out Your Refrigerator DayObservance
Nov 16WednesdayFast Food DayObservance
Nov 17ThursdayUse Less Stuff DayObservance
Nov 17ThursdayTake A Hike DayObservance
Nov 18FridayPush Button Phone DayObservance
Nov 20SundayNational Absurdity DayObservance
Nov 21MondayWorld Hello DayObservance
Nov 22TuesdayGo For a Ride DayObservance
Nov 23WednesdayFibonacci DayObservance
Nov 24ThursdayCelebrate Your Unique Talent DayObservance
Nov 25FridayBuy Nothing DayObservance
Nov 25FridayShopping Reminder DayObservance
Nov 26SaturdayCakes DayObservance
Nov 28MondayRed Planet DayObservance
Nov 29TuesdayElectronic Greeting Card DayObservance
Nov 30WednesdayComputer Security DayObservance
Dec 1ThursdayEat a Red Apple DayObservance
Dec 2FridayFritter DayObservance
Dec 3SaturdayMake a Gift DayObservance
Dec 4SundayWear Brown Shoes DayObservance
Dec 5MondayDay of the NinjaObservance
Dec 6TuesdayPut on Your Own Shoes DayObservance
Dec 6TuesdayMicrowave Oven DayObservance
Dec 7WednesdayLetter Writing DayObservance
Dec 8ThursdayPretend to Be a Time Traveler DayObservance
Dec 9FridayChristmas Card DayObservance
Dec 10SaturdayDewey Decimal System DayObservance
Dec 10SaturdayJane Addams DayObservance
Dec 11SundayNoodle Ring DayObservance
Dec 12MondayGingerbread House DayObservance
Dec 14WednesdayOfficial Lost and Found DayObservance
Dec 14WednesdayMonkey DayObservance
Dec 16FridayChocolate Covered Anything DayObservance
Dec 16FridayUnderdog DayObservance
Dec 20TuesdaySangria DayObservance
Dec 21WednesdayUgly Sweater DayObservance
Dec 21WednesdayInternational Dalek Remembrance DayObservance
Dec 22ThursdayDate Nut Bread DayObservance
Dec 23FridayFestivusObservance
Dec 24SaturdayEggnog DayObservance
Dec 25SundayGrav Mass DayObservance
Dec 25SundayA phabet Day or No L DayObservance
Dec 26MondayThank You Note DayObservance
Dec 27TuesdayNo Interruptions DayObservance
Dec 28WednesdayCard Playing DayObservance
Dec 29ThursdayPepper Pot DayObservance
Dec 30FridayBicarbonate of Soda DayObservance
Dec 31SaturdayMake Up Your Mind DayObservance


DateDayHoliday NameHoliday Type
Jan 1SundayPolar Bear Plunge DayObservance
Jan 2MondayBuffet DayObservance
Jan 2MondayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It DayObservance
Jan 2MondayScience Fiction DayObservance
Jan 3TuesdayFruitcake Toss DayObservance
Jan 3TuesdayFestival of Sleep DayObservance
Jan 4WednesdayTrivia DayObservance
Jan 5ThursdayBird DayObservance
Jan 6FridayBean DayObservance
Jan 7SaturdayOld Rock DayObservance
Jan 8SundayEarths Rotation DayObservance
Jan 9MondayClean Off Your Desk DayObservance
Jan 9MondayStatic Electricity DayObservance
Jan 9MondayWord Nerd DayObservance
Jan 10TuesdayCut Your Energy Costs DayObservance
Jan 11WednesdayLearn Your Name in Morse Code DayObservance
Jan 12ThursdayMarzipan DayObservance
Jan 13FridayMake Your Dreams Come True DayObservance
Jan 14SaturdayOrganize Your Home DayObservance
Jan 15SundayStrawberry Ice Cream DayObservance
Jan 16MondayNothing DayObservance
Jan 17TuesdayBenjamin Franklin DayObservance
Jan 17TuesdayKid Inventors DayObservance
Jan 17TuesdayDitch New Years Resolution DayObservance
Jan 18WednesdayThesaurus DayObservance
Jan 19ThursdayTin Can DayObservance
Jan 19ThursdayPopcorn DayObservance
Jan 20FridayPenguin Awareness DayObservance
Jan 21SaturdaySoup Swap DayObservance
Jan 21SaturdaySquirrel Appreciation DayObservance
Jan 22SundayHot Sauce DayObservance
Jan 23MondayHandwriting DayObservance
Jan 24TuesdayGlobal Belly Laugh DayObservance
Jan 24TuesdayNational Compliment DayObservance
Jan 24TuesdayMacintosh Computer DayObservance
Jan 25WednesdayOpposite DayObservance
Jan 26ThursdaySpouses DayObservance
Jan 27FridayChocolate Cake DayObservance
Jan 27FridayFun at Work DayObservance
Jan 28SaturdayData Privacy DayObservance
Jan 29SundayPuzzle DayObservance
Jan 30MondayCroissant DayObservance
Jan 31TuesdayBackwards DayObservance
Feb 2ThursdayDay of the CrepeObservance
Feb 2ThursdayPlay Your Ukulele DayObservance
Feb 3FridayWork Naked DayObservance
Feb 3FridayCarrot Cake DayObservance
Feb 4SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayObservance
Feb 4SaturdayThank Your Mailman DayObservance
Feb 4SaturdayCreate a Vacuum DayObservance
Feb 4SaturdayStuffed Mushroom DayObservance
Feb 5SundayNational Weatherpersons DayObservance
Feb 5SundayChocolate Fondue DayObservance
Feb 6MondayLame Duck DayObservance
Feb 7Tuesdaye DayObservance
Feb 7TuesdaySend a Card to a Friend DayObservance
Feb 8WednesdayLaugh and Get Rich DayObservance
Feb 9ThursdayToothache DayObservance
Feb 9ThursdayBagel and Lox DayObservance
Feb 10FridayUmbrella DayObservance
Feb 11SaturdayMake a Friend DayObservance
Feb 11SaturdayDont Cry Over Spilled Milk DayObservance
Feb 12SundayDarwin DayObservance
Feb 13MondayClean Out Your Computer DayObservance
Feb 13MondayWorld Radio DayObservance
Feb 14TuesdayFerris Wheel DayObservance
Feb 14TuesdayLibrary Lovers DayObservance
Feb 15WednesdayGumdrop DayObservance
Feb 16ThursdayDo a Grouch a Favor DayObservance
Feb 17FridayRandom Act of Kindness DayObservance
Feb 18SaturdayBattery DayObservance
Feb 19SundayChocolate Mint DayObservance
Feb 22WednesdaySingle Tasking DayObservance
Feb 22WednesdayBe Humble DayObservance
Feb 23ThursdayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayObservance
Feb 24FridayTortilla Chip DayObservance
Feb 25SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers DayObservance
Feb 26SundayPistachio DayObservance
Feb 26SundayTell a Fairy Tale DayObservance
Feb 27MondayNo Brainer DayObservance
Feb 28TuesdayPublic Sleeping DayObservance
Mar 1WednesdayWorld Compliment DayObservance
Mar 1WednesdayPlan a Solo Vacation DayObservance
Mar 2ThursdayOld Stuff DayObservance
Mar 3FridayI Want You to be Happy DayObservance
Mar 4SaturdayMarch Forth and Do Something DayObservance
Mar 5SundayLearn What Your Name Means DayObservance
Mar 5SundayCinco de MarchoObservance
Mar 6MondayDentists DayObservance
Mar 7TuesdayAlexander Graham Bell DayObservance
Mar 8WednesdayProofreading DayObservance
Mar 10FridayMario DayObservance
Mar 11SaturdayOatmeal Nut Waffle DayObservance
Mar 12SundayAlfred Hitchcock DayObservance
Mar 13MondayNapping DayObservance
Mar 13MondayJewel DayObservance
Mar 14TuesdayPi DayObservance
Mar 15WednesdayEverything You Think is Wrong DayObservance
Mar 16ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid DayObservance
Mar 16ThursdayEvery Thing You Do is Right DayObservance
Mar 17FridaySubmarine DayObservance
Mar 18SaturdayAwkward Moments DayObservance
Mar 19SundayLets Laugh DayObservance
Mar 20MondayWorld Storytelling DayObservance
Mar 20MondayProposal DayObservance
Mar 21TuesdayCommon Courtesy DayObservance
Mar 22WednesdayInternational Goof Off DayObservance
Mar 23ThursdayWorld OK DayObservance
Mar 23ThursdayPuppy DayObservance
Mar 23ThursdayNear Miss DayObservance
Mar 24FridayChocolate Covered Raisins DayObservance
Mar 25SaturdayEat a Waffle DayObservance
Mar 25SaturdayTolkien Reading DayObservance
Mar 26SundayMake Up Your Own Holiday DayObservance
Mar 27MondaySpanish Paella DayObservance
Mar 28TuesdaySomething on a Stick DayObservance
Mar 29WednesdaySmoke and Mirrors DayObservance
Mar 30ThursdayTake a Walk in the Park DayObservance
Mar 31FridayBunsen Burner DayObservance
Apr 3MondayWorld Party DayObservance
Apr 4TuesdayTell a Lie DayObservance
Apr 5WednesdayRead a Road Map DayObservance
Apr 5WednesdayFirst Contact DayObservance
Apr 6ThursdaySorry Charlie DayObservance
Apr 7FridayWalk to Work DayObservance
Apr 10MondaySiblings DayObservance
Apr 11TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers DayObservance
Apr 11TuesdayBarbershop Quartet DayObservance
Apr 12WednesdayGrilled Cheese DayObservance
Apr 12WednesdayYuris NightObservance
Apr 13ThursdayScrabble DayObservance
Apr 14FridayInternational Moment of Laughter DayObservance
Apr 14FridayReach as High as You Can DayObservance
Apr 14FridayLook up the Sky DayObservance
Apr 16SundayEggs Benedict DayObservance
Apr 16SundayWear Pajamas to Work DayObservance
Apr 17MondayHaiku Poetry DayObservance
Apr 18TuesdayColumnist DayObservance
Apr 20ThursdayLook Alike DayObservance
Apr 22SaturdayJelly Bean DayObservance
Apr 23SundayTake a Chance DayObservance
Apr 23SundayImpossible Astronaut DayObservance
Apr 23SundayLovers DayObservance
Apr 25TuesdayDNA DayObservance
Apr 26WednesdayPretzel DayObservance
Apr 26WednesdayRichter Scale DayObservance
Apr 27ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayObservance
Apr 29SaturdayAstronomy Day 1stObservance
Apr 29SaturdayZipper DayObservance
Apr 30SundayWorld Pinhole Photography DayObservance
Apr 30SundayHonesty DayObservance
May 4ThursdayStar Wars DayObservance
May 5FridayNo Pants DayObservance
May 5FridaySpace DayObservance
May 6SaturdayHerb DayObservance
May 6SaturdayFree Comic Book DayObservance
May 6SaturdayBeverage DayObservance
May 9TuesdayEurope DayObservance
May 9TuesdayLost Sock Memorial DayObservance
May 10WednesdayNational School Nurse DayObservance
May 10WednesdayClean Up Your Room DayObservance
May 11ThursdayTwilight Zone DayObservance
May 11ThursdayEat What You Want DayObservance
May 12FridayLimerick DayObservance
May 13SaturdayFrog Jumping DayObservance
May 14SundayDance Like a Chicken DayObservance
May 15MondayChocolate Chip DayObservance
May 17WednesdayPack Rat DayObservance
May 18ThursdayNo Dirty Dishes DayObservance
May 19FridayPizza Party DayObservance
May 19FridayMay Ray DayObservance
May 20SaturdayBe a Millionaire DayObservance
May 21SundayTalk Like Yoda DayObservance
May 22MondayBuy a Musical Instrument DayObservance
May 24WednesdayScavenger Hunt DayObservance
May 25ThursdaySing Out DayObservance
May 25ThursdayTowel DayObservance
May 26FridayWorld Lindy Hop DayObservance
May 27SaturdaySun Screen DayObservance
May 28SundayHamburger DayObservance
May 29MondayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge DayObservance
May 30TuesdayMy Buckets Got a Hole DayObservance
May 31WednesdayMacaroon DayObservance
Jun 1ThursdaySay Something Nice DayObservance
Jun 2FridayNational Doughnut DayObservance
Jun 2FridayLeave the Office Early DayObservance
Jun 3SaturdayRepeat DayObservance
Jun 4SundayHug Your Cat DayObservance
Jun 6TuesdayDrive In Movie DayObservance
Jun 7WednesdayVCR DayObservance
Jun 8ThursdayBest Friends DayObservance
Jun 9FridayDonald Duck DayObservance
Jun 10SaturdayIced Tea DayObservance
Jun 11SundayCorn on the Cob DayObservance
Jun 12MondayRed Rose DayObservance
Jun 13TuesdaySewing Machine DayObservance
Jun 14WednesdayBourbon DayObservance
Jun 15ThursdayNature Photography DayObservance
Jun 16FridayBloomsdayObservance
Jun 17SaturdayWorld Juggling DayObservance
Jun 17SaturdayEat Your Vegetables DayObservance
Jun 18SundayInternational Picnic DayObservance
Jun 19MondaySauntering DayObservance
Jun 21WednesdayDaylight Appreciation DayObservance
Jun 22ThursdayOnion Ring DayObservance
Jun 23FridayTake Your Dog to Work DayObservance
Jun 23FridayTypewriter DayObservance
Jun 24SaturdaySwim a Lap DayObservance
Jun 25SundayPlease Take my Children to Work DayObservance
Jun 26MondayChocolate Pudding DayObservance
Jun 27TuesdayHelen Keller DayObservance
Jun 28WednesdayTau DayObservance
Jun 29ThursdayCamera DayObservance
Jun 30FridayMeteor Watch DayObservance
Jul 1SaturdayInternational Joke DayObservance
Jul 2SundayI Forgot DayObservance
Jul 2SundayWorld UFO DayObservance
Jul 3MondayCompliment Your Mirror DayObservance
Jul 3MondayInternational Plastic Bag Free DayObservance
Jul 4TuesdaySidewalk Egg Frying DayObservance
Jul 5WednesdayWorkaholics DayObservance
Jul 6ThursdayWorld Kissing DayObservance
Jul 7FridayTell the Truth DayObservance
Jul 8SaturdayVideo Games DayObservance
Jul 8SaturdayMath 20 DayObservance
Jul 9SundaySugar Cookie DayObservance
Jul 10MondayTeddy Bears Picnic DayObservance
Jul 10MondayClerihew DayObservance
Jul 11TuesdayCheer Up the Lonely DayObservance
Jul 12WednesdaySimplicity DayObservance
Jul 13ThursdayEmbrace Your Geekness DayObservance
Jul 14FridayPandemonium DayObservance
Jul 15SaturdayGummi Worm DayObservance
Jul 16SundayCorn Fritters DayObservance
Jul 16SundayIce Cream DayObservance
Jul 17MondayYellow Pig DayObservance
Jul 17MondayWorld Emoji DayObservance
Jul 18TuesdayInsurance Nerd DayObservance
Jul 18TuesdayCaviar DayObservance
Jul 19WednesdayStick Out Your Tongue DayObservance
Jul 20ThursdaySpace Exploration DayObservance
Jul 21FridayJunk Food DayObservance
Jul 22SaturdayPi Approximation DayObservance
Jul 23SundayVanilla Ice Cream DayObservance
Jul 24MondayCousins DayObservance
Jul 25TuesdayCulinarians DayObservance
Jul 26WednesdayUncle and Aunt DayObservance
Jul 27ThursdayTake your Pants for a Walk DayObservance
Jul 28FridayMilk Chocolate DayObservance
Jul 29SaturdayLasagna DayObservance
Jul 30SundayNational Cheesecake DayObservance
Jul 31MondayUncommon Musical Instrument DayObservance
Aug 1TuesdayGirlfriends DayObservance
Aug 2WednesdayIce Cream Sandwich DayObservance
Aug 3ThursdayWatermelon DayObservance
Aug 4FridayInternational Beer DayObservance
Aug 4FridaySingle Working Womens DayObservance
Aug 5SaturdayWork Like a Dog DayObservance
Aug 6SundaySisters DayObservance
Aug 6SundayFresh Breath DayObservance
Aug 7MondayLighthouse DayObservance
Aug 8TuesdayHappiness Happens DayObservance
Aug 9WednesdayBook Lovers DayObservance
Aug 10ThursdayLazyload DayObservance
Aug 11FridaySon and Daughter DayObservance
Aug 12SaturdayMiddle Child DayObservance
Aug 13SundayLeft Handers DayObservance
Aug 14MondayCreamsicle DayObservance
Aug 15TuesdayRelaxation DayObservance
Aug 16WednesdayTell a Joke DayObservance
Aug 17ThursdayThrift Shop DayObservance
Aug 18FridayMail Order Catalog DayObservance
Aug 19SaturdayWorld Photo DayObservance
Aug 20SundayChocolate Pecan Pie DayObservance
Aug 21MondaySpumoni DayObservance
Aug 22TuesdayBe An Angel DayObservance
Aug 23WednesdayRide Like the Wind DayObservance
Aug 24ThursdayPluto Demoted DayObservance
Aug 25FridayKiss and Make up DayObservance
Aug 26SaturdayDog Appreciation DayObservance
Aug 27SundayThe Duchess Who Wasnt DayObservance
Aug 28MondayBow Tie DayObservance
Aug 29TuesdayAccording to Hoyle DayObservance
Aug 30WednesdayFrankenstein DayObservance
Aug 31ThursdayEat Outside DayObservance
Sep 1FridayEmma Nutt DayObservance
Sep 1FridayNo Rhyme or Reason DayObservance
Sep 2SaturdayBison Ten Yell DayObservance
Sep 3SundaySkyscraper DayObservance
Sep 4MondayEat an Extra Dessert DayObservance
Sep 5TuesdayBe Late for Something DayObservance
Sep 5TuesdayCheese Pizza DayObservance
Sep 6WednesdayFight Procrastination DayObservance
Sep 6WednesdayRead a Book DayObservance
Sep 7ThursdaySalami DayObservance
Sep 8FridayPardon DayObservance
Sep 9SaturdayTeddy Bear DayObservance
Sep 10SundaySwap Ideas DayObservance
Sep 11MondayMake Your Bed DayObservance
Sep 12TuesdayChocolate Milkshake DayObservance
Sep 13WednesdayPositive Thinking DayObservance
Sep 13WednesdayRoald Dahl DayObservance
Sep 14ThursdayHug Your Hound DayObservance
Sep 15FridayMake a Hat DayObservance
Sep 16SaturdayNational CleanUp DayObservance
Sep 16SaturdayBatman DayObservance
Sep 16SaturdayCollect Rocks DayObservance
Sep 16SaturdayWorld Guacamole DayObservance
Sep 17SundayInternational Country Music DayObservance
Sep 18MondayRice Krispie Treat DayObservance
Sep 19TuesdayNational Gymnastics DayObservance
Sep 19TuesdayInternational Talk Like a Pirate DayObservance
Sep 20WednesdayPunch DayObservance
Sep 21ThursdayMiniature Golf DayObservance
Sep 22FridayHobbit DayObservance
Sep 22FridayAstronomy Day 2ndObservance
Sep 23SaturdayCheckers DayObservance
Sep 24SundayPunctuation DayObservance
Sep 25MondayComic Book DayObservance
Sep 26TuesdayLove Note DayObservance
Sep 27WednesdayCrush a Can DayObservance
Sep 28ThursdayAsk a Stupid Question DayObservance
Sep 28ThursdayGood Neighbor DayObservance
Sep 30SaturdayHot Mulled Cider DayObservance
Oct 1SundayInternational Coffee DayObservance
Oct 1SundayBalloons Around the World DayObservance
Oct 2MondayPhileas Fogg Wager DayObservance
Oct 4WednesdayTaco DayObservance
Oct 5ThursdayChic Spy DayObservance
Oct 6FridayWorld Smile DayObservance
Oct 6FridayMad Hatter DayObservance
Oct 7SaturdayCard Making DayObservance
Oct 7SaturdayFrappé DayObservance
Oct 8SundayPierogi DayObservance
Oct 9MondayCurious Events DayObservance
Oct 10TuesdayHandbag DayObservance
Oct 11WednesdayIts My Party DayObservance
Oct 12ThursdayOld Farmers DayObservance
Oct 13FridayInternational Skeptics DayObservance
Oct 15SundayI Love Lucy DayObservance
Oct 16MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop DayObservance
Oct 16MondayDictionary DayObservance
Oct 17TuesdayWear Something Gaudy DayObservance
Oct 18WednesdayChocolate Cupcake DayObservance
Oct 20FridayInternational Sloth DayObservance
Oct 21SaturdayInternational Observe the Moon NightObservance
Oct 21SaturdaySweetest DayObservance
Oct 21SaturdayCount your Buttons DayObservance
Oct 22SundayCaps Lock DayObservance
Oct 23MondayWorld Mole DayObservance
Oct 24TuesdayBologna DayObservance
Oct 25WednesdaySourest DayObservance
Oct 26ThursdayHowl at the Moon Day and NightObservance
Oct 27FridayAmerican Beer DayObservance
Oct 28SaturdayInternational Animation DayObservance
Oct 29SundayInternet DayObservance
Oct 30MondayCandy Corn DayObservance
Oct 31TuesdayHalloweenObservance
Oct 31TuesdayMagic DayObservance
Nov 1WednesdayAuthors DayObservance
Nov 2ThursdayMen Make Dinner DayObservance
Nov 2ThursdayDeviled Eggs DayObservance
Nov 3FridayWorld Sandwich DayObservance
Nov 4SaturdayCommon Sense DayObservance
Nov 5SundayZero Tasking DayObservance
Nov 6MondaySaxophone DayObservance
Nov 7TuesdayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds DayObservance
Nov 8WednesdayTongue Twister DayObservance
Nov 9ThursdayChaos Never Dies DayObservance
Nov 10FridayForget Me Not DayObservance
Nov 10FridayVanilla Cupcake DayObservance
Nov 11SaturdayOrigami DayObservance
Nov 12SundayHappy Hour DayObservance
Nov 13MondayWorld Kindness DayObservance
Nov 13MondaySadie Hawkins DayObservance
Nov 14TuesdaySpicy Guacamole DayObservance
Nov 14TuesdayPickle DayObservance
Nov 15WednesdayClean Out Your Refrigerator DayObservance
Nov 16ThursdayUse Less Stuff DayObservance
Nov 16ThursdayFast Food DayObservance
Nov 17FridayTake A Hike DayObservance
Nov 18SaturdayPush Button Phone DayObservance
Nov 20MondayNational Absurdity DayObservance
Nov 21TuesdayWorld Hello DayObservance
Nov 22WednesdayGo For a Ride DayObservance
Nov 23ThursdayFibonacci DayObservance
Nov 24FridayBuy Nothing DayObservance
Nov 24FridayCelebrate Your Unique Talent DayObservance
Nov 25SaturdayShopping Reminder DayObservance
Nov 26SundayCakes DayObservance
Nov 28TuesdayRed Planet DayObservance
Nov 29WednesdayElectronic Greeting Card DayObservance
Nov 30ThursdayComputer Security DayObservance
Dec 1FridayEat a Red Apple DayObservance
Dec 2SaturdayFritter DayObservance
Dec 3SundayMake a Gift DayObservance
Dec 4MondayWear Brown Shoes DayObservance
Dec 5TuesdayDay of the NinjaObservance
Dec 6WednesdayPut on Your Own Shoes DayObservance
Dec 6WednesdayMicrowave Oven DayObservance
Dec 7ThursdayLetter Writing DayObservance
Dec 8FridayPretend to Be a Time Traveler DayObservance
Dec 9SaturdayChristmas Card DayObservance
Dec 10SundayDewey Decimal System DayObservance
Dec 10SundayJane Addams DayObservance
Dec 11MondayNoodle Ring DayObservance
Dec 12TuesdayGingerbread House DayObservance
Dec 14ThursdayOfficial Lost and Found DayObservance
Dec 14ThursdayMonkey DayObservance
Dec 15FridayUnderdog DayObservance
Dec 16SaturdayChocolate Covered Anything DayObservance
Dec 20WednesdaySangria DayObservance
Dec 21ThursdayUgly Sweater DayObservance
Dec 21ThursdayInternational Dalek Remembrance DayObservance
Dec 22FridayDate Nut Bread DayObservance
Dec 23SaturdayFestivusObservance
Dec 24SundayEggnog DayObservance
Dec 25MondayGrav Mass DayObservance
Dec 25MondayA phabet Day or No L DayObservance
Dec 26TuesdayThank You Note DayObservance
Dec 27WednesdayNo Interruptions DayObservance
Dec 28ThursdayCard Playing DayObservance
Dec 29FridayPepper Pot DayObservance
Dec 30SaturdayBicarbonate of Soda DayObservance
Dec 31SundayMake Up Your Mind DayObservance
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