When is bird day?

bird day is next on Sunday, January 5, 2025

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bird day

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National Bird Day is on January 5th and presents an excellent opportunity to appreciate the colorful and intriguing birds that people see out and about every day. Many people don’t realize that there are nearly 10,000 avian species on earth, and each one has an important contribution to their local habitat. Scientists use these modern feathered creatures for insight into the details of life on earth before humans because they believe some species might be closely related to dinosaurs.

The National Bird Day celebrations recognize the importance of birds in our world so that those of us without wings can appreciate the diversity of bird species and their environmental role. There are also more specific bird-related recognition days, like International Migratory Bird Day. These days offer a great excuse to research specific types of birds and appreciate their unique value.

How To Celebrate National Bird Day

This year on National Bird Day, you should celebrate all birds with open eyes and hearts. Take the time to notice the birds that live in your neighborhood, researching their roles in your local ecosystem and learning about their quirks. You could also build or decorate a birdhouse, put up bird feeders, or invest in binoculars on this #NationalBirdDay

How many days until bird day?

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Upcoming dates for bird day

When is bird day 2024?Friday, January 5, 2024
When is bird day 2025?Sunday, January 5, 2025
When is bird day 2026?Monday, January 5, 2026
When is bird day 2027?Tuesday, January 5, 2027
When is bird day 2028?Wednesday, January 5, 2028
When is bird day 2029?Friday, January 5, 2029
When is bird day 2030?Saturday, January 5, 2030
When is bird day 2031?Sunday, January 5, 2031
When is bird day 2032?Monday, January 5, 2032
When is bird day 2033?Wednesday, January 5, 2033
When is bird day 2034?Thursday, January 5, 2034