When is internet day?

internet day is next on Tuesday, October 29, 2024

Always know when is internet day. Figure out how many days till internet day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
internet day

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Internet Day is celebrated on October 29 each year to commemorate the first message ever sent across the internet. What would the world be like today without being able to search for cute cat videos, share funny memes, and chat with our friends and family? On October 29, 1969, a UCLA Professor sent a brief message to a computer at Stanford University. That message was “LO.” You could say it was a partial laugh.

Today, the internet is an invaluable tool that is integral to everything we do. Imagine if the internet stopped working for a day, or even a few hours. Nearly everything we do is stored online, and if we cannot connect, we are left twiddling our thumbs, waiting to watch the next celebrity meltdown on TMZ. The internet is not just about having fun and taking personality quizzes, however. We can learn about anything imaginable thanks to the internet. It can even help improve our lives mentally and physically.

How to Celebrate Internet Day

Celebrating Internet Day is easy. Go online on your watch, phone, tablet, laptop, or computer and search for something new you’ve never seen before. You can even search for the very first web page ever created. #InternetDay

How many days until internet day?

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Upcoming dates for internet day

When is internet day 2024?Tuesday, October 29, 2024
When is internet day 2025?Wednesday, October 29, 2025
When is internet day 2026?Thursday, October 29, 2026
When is internet day 2027?Friday, October 29, 2027
When is internet day 2028?Sunday, October 29, 2028
When is internet day 2029?Monday, October 29, 2029
When is internet day 2030?Tuesday, October 29, 2030
When is internet day 2031?Wednesday, October 29, 2031
When is internet day 2032?Friday, October 29, 2032
When is internet day 2033?Saturday, October 29, 2033
When is internet day 2034?Sunday, October 29, 2034