When is emma nutt day?

emma nutt day is next on Sunday, September 1, 2024

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emma nutt day

Emma Nutt Day is celebrated every year on the first day of September to honor Emma M. Nutt, the first woman in the telephone operating industry. September 1, 1878, was Emma’s first day of work at a local telephone dispatch center in Boston, Massachusetts. Emma worked as a telephone operator for 33 years and performed so well that other dispatch companies started exclusively hiring women as phone operators.

Like other jobs at that time, telephone service was a man’s world. The first telephone operators were men, but after a few calls, managers noticed that men were disrespectful and impatient with the customers. They were seeking a change, so Emma Nutt came at the perfect time. She made a drastic difference in the telecommunication industry in the US, and by the mid-1900s, most operators in the country were women.

How to Celebrate Emma Nutt Day

Emma Nutt Day is all about supporting women and the work they do. The best way to celebrate this holiday is to pick up the phone, dial an operator, and thank the operator for their service. Share the story of Emma Nutt with your daughters, granddaughters, or neighbors. Have fun celebrating #EmmaNuttDay in your own way.

How many days until emma nutt day?

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Upcoming dates for emma nutt day

When is emma nutt day 2024?Sunday, September 1, 2024
When is emma nutt day 2025?Monday, September 1, 2025
When is emma nutt day 2026?Tuesday, September 1, 2026
When is emma nutt day 2027?Wednesday, September 1, 2027
When is emma nutt day 2028?Friday, September 1, 2028
When is emma nutt day 2029?Saturday, September 1, 2029
When is emma nutt day 2030?Sunday, September 1, 2030
When is emma nutt day 2031?Monday, September 1, 2031
When is emma nutt day 2032?Wednesday, September 1, 2032
When is emma nutt day 2033?Thursday, September 1, 2033
When is emma nutt day 2034?Friday, September 1, 2034