When is sweetest day?

sweetest day is next on Saturday, October 19, 2024

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sweetest day

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Sweetest Day is celebrated every third Saturday in October to commemorate candies and other sweets, and more recently, being kind and sweet to those around us. Starting in 1921 in Clevland, Ohio, Sweetest Day was created for wives and girlfriends to treat their male partners with sweet treats.

It was popularized in the Midwestern and Northeastern parts of the United States to boost business and the economy. Twelve local candy makers handed out candies and sweets to the elderly and orphans, encouraging others to take part.

However, Sweetest Day has older origins dating back to 1916 with Candy Day, founded by the National Confectioner's Association. This unofficial holiday was celebrated every second Saturday of October. Unfortunately, soon after the holiday was established, the First World War started, and it never had the chance to take off.

How To Celebrate Sweetest Day

What better way to celebrate Sweetest Day than with candy? On this unofficial holiday, grab your favorite sweets with friends and family! You can even have a candy-themed party to celebrate, perform acts of kindness all day for strangers, family, and friends—or both. Enjoy your sweets and be sweet on #SweetestDay!

How many days until sweetest day?

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Upcoming dates for sweetest day

When is sweetest day 2024?Saturday, October 19, 2024
When is sweetest day 2025?Saturday, October 18, 2025
When is sweetest day 2026?Saturday, October 17, 2026
When is sweetest day 2027?Saturday, October 16, 2027
When is sweetest day 2028?Saturday, October 21, 2028
When is sweetest day 2029?Saturday, October 20, 2029
When is sweetest day 2030?Saturday, October 19, 2030
When is sweetest day 2031?Saturday, October 18, 2031
When is sweetest day 2032?Saturday, October 16, 2032
When is sweetest day 2033?Saturday, October 15, 2033
When is sweetest day 2034?Saturday, October 21, 2034