When is christmas card day?

christmas card day is next on Saturday, December 9, 2023

Always know when is christmas card day. Figure out how many days till christmas card day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
christmas card day

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Christmas Card Day is celebrated on December 9th of each year. This abstract holiday honors the first commercial Christmas card and its creator, Sir Henry Cole of England. Cole sent out the first Christmas card way back in 1843, kicking off a holiday tradition that’s still going strong today.

In 1874, the lithograph company Prang & Mayer began producing Christmas cards and sending them to their American friends overseas. By 1880, Christmas cards became an international sensation, increasing Prang & Mayer’s production to five million Christmas cards a year. Today, people from all over the world send their loved ones Christmas cards, spreading their holiday cheer from sea to sea.

How to Celebrate Christmas Card Day

Celebrating Christmas Card Day is as easy as sending your friends and family delightful holiday cards during the festive season. You can create your own Christmas card or buy one at your local corner store. This simple gesture is one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer while surprising your loved ones with a heart-warming message. You might be surprised how a little Christmas card can brighten someone’s day. Next time December 9th rolls around, make sure to send your friends a cheerful Christmas card for #ChristmasCardDay

How many days until christmas card day?

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Upcoming dates for christmas card day

When is christmas card day 2023?Saturday, December 9, 2023
When is christmas card day 2024?Monday, December 9, 2024
When is christmas card day 2025?Tuesday, December 9, 2025
When is christmas card day 2026?Wednesday, December 9, 2026
When is christmas card day 2027?Thursday, December 9, 2027
When is christmas card day 2028?Saturday, December 9, 2028
When is christmas card day 2029?Sunday, December 9, 2029
When is christmas card day 2030?Monday, December 9, 2030
When is christmas card day 2031?Tuesday, December 9, 2031
When is christmas card day 2032?Thursday, December 9, 2032
When is christmas card day 2033?Friday, December 9, 2033