When is proofreading day?

proofreading day is next on Saturday, March 8, 2025

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proofreading day

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Proofreading Day is celebrated every year on March 8. Created in 2011 by Judy Beaver in honor of her mother, who loved correcting people, the day promotes error-free writing. With many of us often making spelling errors, typos, and grammar mistakes when writing, Proofreading Day provides us an opportunity to slow down and proofread our work. If you are fortunate enough to have an editor that proofreads your writing, this day offers an excellent opportunity to thank them, especially since having editors check your work was not always the case.

For instance, in the 17th century, authors were responsible for proofreading their work. However, some often chose to share their drafts with friends who could help them revise the work. This lack of oversight led to a massive mistake in 1631 when reprints of the King James Bible had proofreading errors that resulted in a significant lawsuit and damages to the publisher.

How To Celebrate Proofreading Day

The best way to celebrate Proofreading Day is to establish a habit of proofreading everything you write. Whether it is an email or a term paper, take some time to read through everything to ensure that you submit error-free writing. You could even offer to proofread your friend’s work or learn about common writing errors that you can eliminate this #ProofreadingDay

How many days until proofreading day?

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Upcoming dates for proofreading day

When is proofreading day 2024?Friday, March 8, 2024
When is proofreading day 2025?Saturday, March 8, 2025
When is proofreading day 2026?Sunday, March 8, 2026
When is proofreading day 2027?Monday, March 8, 2027
When is proofreading day 2028?Wednesday, March 8, 2028
When is proofreading day 2029?Thursday, March 8, 2029
When is proofreading day 2030?Friday, March 8, 2030
When is proofreading day 2031?Saturday, March 8, 2031
When is proofreading day 2032?Monday, March 8, 2032
When is proofreading day 2033?Tuesday, March 8, 2033
When is proofreading day 2034?Wednesday, March 8, 2034