When is chocolate mInternational day?

chocolate mInternational day is next on Wednesday, February 19, 2025

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chocolate mint day

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Chocolate Mint Day beckons to chocolate and candy lovers to celebrate every February 19th. It’s a nationally commemorated holiday by the United States National Confectioners Association, and that is a sweet rarity that is not to be taken lightly. Other candy-based holidays only celebrate candies that have become central figures in America, such as candy canes for Christmas, and chocolate eggs, bunnies, and jelly beans for Easter.

The history of chocolate reaches as far back as the Mayans and Aztecs. When Europeans popularized chocolate as a confection in the New World, they saw that people disliked its bitterness and dark color. They originally used it as a medicine until countries like Switzerland and Sweden began popularizing it as a hot drink.

In the 1800s, chocolate was available with milk, sugar, honey, nuts, and a thousand other additions, but mint was scarce. Mint chocolate only rose in the early 1900s, when an American restaurant and candy chain called Huyler’s began selling chocolate mints in New York. Millions of people worldwide now consider it their favorite confection.

How to Celebrate Chocolate Mint Day

You can celebrate Chocolate Mint Day by:

· Buying chocolate mint cookies from Girl Scouts (the first merchants of Chocolate Thin Mints in 1953)
· Baking chocolate mint cakes, brownies, or muffins at home
· Going to your local candy store for fresh chocolate mints

You can also find chocolate mint flavors in shakes, donuts, and even toothpaste, so you will never run out of creative ways to celebrate #ChocolateMintDay.

How many days until chocolate mInternational day?

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Upcoming dates for chocolate mint day

When is chocolate mint day 2024?Monday, February 19, 2024
When is chocolate mint day 2025?Wednesday, February 19, 2025
When is chocolate mint day 2026?Thursday, February 19, 2026
When is chocolate mint day 2027?Friday, February 19, 2027
When is chocolate mint day 2028?Saturday, February 19, 2028
When is chocolate mint day 2029?Monday, February 19, 2029
When is chocolate mint day 2030?Tuesday, February 19, 2030
When is chocolate mint day 2031?Wednesday, February 19, 2031
When is chocolate mint day 2032?Thursday, February 19, 2032
When is chocolate mint day 2033?Saturday, February 19, 2033
When is chocolate mint day 2034?Sunday, February 19, 2034