When is static electricity day?

static electricity day is next on Thursday, January 9, 2025

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static electricity day

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National Static Electricity Day strikes up celebrations on January 9th each year. Static electricity happens when there is an imbalance of electrical charges on a surface, like when two materials rub together. Rather than moving along in a current or circuit, this type of electricity is static or stationary and stays in place until something moves the objects.

Most people encounter static electricity regularly in daily life. For example, if you have ever experienced a small shock sensation when touching a metal door handle, you have felt static electricity as your feet rubbing on the floor have moved the charge into the conducting material. Static electricity is also what causes our hair to stand up when rubbing a balloon against our heads.

How To Celebrate National Static Electricity Day

Why not celebrate National Static Electricity Day this year by learning more about how it works and trying a few experiments? Static electricity is a fascinating scientific phenomenon and so different from what most people consider to be electricity, like the power cables running through our homes. You can read about it or visit a science center, or explore science museums that put on fascinating demonstrations.

No matter what you do, make sure you have fun while learning about science on #NationalStaticElectricityDay.

How many days until static electricity day?

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Upcoming dates for static electricity day

When is static electricity day 2024?Tuesday, January 9, 2024
When is static electricity day 2025?Thursday, January 9, 2025
When is static electricity day 2026?Friday, January 9, 2026
When is static electricity day 2027?Saturday, January 9, 2027
When is static electricity day 2028?Sunday, January 9, 2028
When is static electricity day 2029?Tuesday, January 9, 2029
When is static electricity day 2030?Wednesday, January 9, 2030
When is static electricity day 2031?Thursday, January 9, 2031
When is static electricity day 2032?Friday, January 9, 2032
When is static electricity day 2033?Sunday, January 9, 2033
When is static electricity day 2034?Monday, January 9, 2034