When is jewel day?

jewel day is next on Thursday, March 13, 2025

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jewel day

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Jewel Day is celebrated every year on March 13. While its origins are unknown, the day is set aside to allow us to appreciate all things shiny and sparkly. The day also allows us to recognize the artisans and makers of the stunning pieces that take our breath away.

The word jewel comes from the Latin word jocale, meaning pastime or plaything. The word is used to refer to precious or semi-precious gemstones and the ornaments attached to them. Throughout history, we have coveted jewels and ornaments and have used them both for decorative and functional purposes throughout our time on earth. In certain societies, both past and present, jewelry is even used to reflect one’s status in society.

How To Celebrate Jewel Day

There are many ways to celebrate Jewel Day. You can use this day to appreciate and take care of the jewels you own or buy yourself that beautiful piece of jewelry you have been eyeing for a while. Some choose to learn more about jewels from various cultures and historical periods. The good news is that the day does not have to be about expensive pieces. You can celebrate Jewel Day by exchanging handmade jewelry with your family and friends, showing off the pieces you give and receive on social media using the hashtag #JewelDay.

How many days until jewel day?

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Upcoming dates for jewel day

When is jewel day 2024?Wednesday, March 13, 2024
When is jewel day 2025?Thursday, March 13, 2025
When is jewel day 2026?Friday, March 13, 2026
When is jewel day 2027?Saturday, March 13, 2027
When is jewel day 2028?Monday, March 13, 2028
When is jewel day 2029?Tuesday, March 13, 2029
When is jewel day 2030?Wednesday, March 13, 2030
When is jewel day 2031?Thursday, March 13, 2031
When is jewel day 2032?Saturday, March 13, 2032
When is jewel day 2033?Sunday, March 13, 2033
When is jewel day 2034?Monday, March 13, 2034