When is thrift shop day?

thrift shop day is next on Saturday, August 17, 2024

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thrift shop day

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Thrift Shop Day is celebrated on August 17th to raise awareness for charitable organizations and support local thrift stores. These stores aim to give back to the needy and help the most vulnerable in society. Thrift shops are also known as hospice shops, resale shops, second-hand stores, and consignment stores. Volunteers usually work at thrift shops, often sorting through items people have donated. These used pieces are then sold to the public, providing a convenient service at an affordable price to those in need.

During the 18th century, people created many ways of using old items. Before thrift shopping became common, people would repurpose their clothes. If someone had worn clothes, they would give them to their younger siblings as hand-me-downs or make them into clothes for them. Alternatively, they would recycle the material as furniture stuffing. People would also sell their items if they needed money, but the thrift shop concept hadn’t been created.

How To Celebrate Thrift Shop Day

If you have items you no longer need or use, consider donating them to the nearest thrift store in your area. Check for local thrift shop offers and plan for a shopping day with a family member or friend. Post your finds on social media using #ThriftShopDay

How many days until thrift shop day?

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Upcoming dates for thrift shop day

When is thrift shop day 2024?Saturday, August 17, 2024
When is thrift shop day 2025?Sunday, August 17, 2025
When is thrift shop day 2026?Monday, August 17, 2026
When is thrift shop day 2027?Tuesday, August 17, 2027
When is thrift shop day 2028?Thursday, August 17, 2028
When is thrift shop day 2029?Friday, August 17, 2029
When is thrift shop day 2030?Saturday, August 17, 2030
When is thrift shop day 2031?Sunday, August 17, 2031
When is thrift shop day 2032?Tuesday, August 17, 2032
When is thrift shop day 2033?Wednesday, August 17, 2033
When is thrift shop day 2034?Thursday, August 17, 2034