When is pepper pot day?

pepper pot day is next on Sunday, December 29, 2024

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pepper pot day

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Pepper Pot Day is celebrated annually on the 29th of December. Pepper pot is a spicy, thick soup that is considered an American staple, mostly in the country's southern regions. While the soup currently has multiple variations, its true origins can be traced to the Revolutionary War in 1777. In fact, the soup was known as the soup that won the war.

The Continental Army had been experiencing an extremely harsh winter during the battle of Valley Forge. On top of that, soldiers were low on food because farmers in the area had opted to sell their supplies to the British Army instead of settling for the weaker currency the Continental soldiers offered. As a solution, the army's baker general, Christopher Ludwick, decided to gather whatever food he could find, such as peppercorn, meat, and tripe. He mixed all these ingredients, added seasoning, and created the thick, spicy soup we now call pepper pot soup.

How To Celebrate Pepper Pot Day

To celebrate Pepper Pot Day, all you have to do is gather the necessary ingredients, make your pepper pot soup, and share it with friends and family. Having a steaming hot bowl of this soup is the best way to warm yourself up as you huddle by the fire and share stories. Chase away the winter this #PepperPotDay.

How many days until pepper pot day?

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Upcoming dates for pepper pot day

When is pepper pot day 2024?Sunday, December 29, 2024
When is pepper pot day 2025?Monday, December 29, 2025
When is pepper pot day 2026?Tuesday, December 29, 2026
When is pepper pot day 2027?Wednesday, December 29, 2027
When is pepper pot day 2028?Friday, December 29, 2028
When is pepper pot day 2029?Saturday, December 29, 2029
When is pepper pot day 2030?Sunday, December 29, 2030
When is pepper pot day 2031?Monday, December 29, 2031
When is pepper pot day 2032?Wednesday, December 29, 2032
When is pepper pot day 2033?Thursday, December 29, 2033
When is pepper pot day 2034?Friday, December 29, 2034