When is opposite day?

opposite day is next on Saturday, January 25, 2025

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opposite day

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Opposite Day is celebrated on January 25th every year. Unlike other holidays, Opposite Day doesn’t commemorate a person or an occasion—it’s simply a time to have fun using opposites. For example, you may choose to eat dinner for breakfast or say goodbye when you would typically say hello. Some people may even decide to walk backward instead of forward.

The origin of Opposite Day isn’t known, but it has been celebrated throughout the United States for many years. While it’s not as widely celebrated as other special days on the calendar, it’s a trendy occasion with school-aged children. If you have a family, Opposite Day can provide plenty of laughter and enjoyment for your kids.

How to Celebrate Opposite Day

Opposite Day should be celebrated with friends and family—you need to make sure that everyone knows it’s Opposite Day. Otherwise, they may find your behavior confusing. Try and use as many opposites in your day as possible.

If you’re feeling happy, pretend to be sad. If someone asks you to hang out, say no when you mean yes. How far you take this special day is up to you. Be as creative as possible when choosing what parts of your life to reverse this #OppositeDay

How many days until opposite day?

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Upcoming dates for opposite day

When is opposite day 2024?Thursday, January 25, 2024
When is opposite day 2025?Saturday, January 25, 2025
When is opposite day 2026?Sunday, January 25, 2026
When is opposite day 2027?Monday, January 25, 2027
When is opposite day 2028?Tuesday, January 25, 2028
When is opposite day 2029?Thursday, January 25, 2029
When is opposite day 2030?Friday, January 25, 2030
When is opposite day 2031?Saturday, January 25, 2031
When is opposite day 2032?Sunday, January 25, 2032
When is opposite day 2033?Tuesday, January 25, 2033
When is opposite day 2034?Wednesday, January 25, 2034