When is nothing day?

nothing day is next on Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Always know when is nothing day. Figure out how many days till nothing day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
nothing day

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National Nothing Day celebrates the beauty of time out every year on January 16th. The holiday began in 1973 and is still observed today as the perfect opportunity to do nothing and feel good about it. When we have nothing scheduled or want to spend a weekend doing as little as possible, society’s pressure to be productive can often derail the joy we take from the experience, but not on National Nothing Day.

If you are as busy as most people, every moment of life can feel like it is on a schedule. The purpose of National Nothing Day is to give people the opportunity to do absolutely nothing for an entire day without any consequences or judgment.

How To Celebrate National Nothing Day

This year on National Nothing Day, do absolutely nothing. Don’t schedule anything or make plans to participate in any activities that feel rushed or subject to expectations. Rather, be a cultural trailblazer and take time to relax or reflect on National Nothing Day.

You can set yourself up for success by cleaning your house and preparing food in advance. It will relieve the temptation to do something when you want to spend the day doing nothing. Try to sit back and relax on #NationalNothingDay

How many days until nothing day?

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Upcoming dates for nothing day

When is nothing day 2023?Monday, January 16, 2023
When is nothing day 2024?Tuesday, January 16, 2024
When is nothing day 2025?Thursday, January 16, 2025
When is nothing day 2026?Friday, January 16, 2026
When is nothing day 2027?Saturday, January 16, 2027
When is nothing day 2028?Sunday, January 16, 2028
When is nothing day 2029?Tuesday, January 16, 2029
When is nothing day 2030?Wednesday, January 16, 2030
When is nothing day 2031?Thursday, January 16, 2031
When is nothing day 2032?Friday, January 16, 2032
When is nothing day 2033?Sunday, January 16, 2033