When is spumoni day?

spumoni day is next on Wednesday, August 21, 2024

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spumoni day

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Spumoni Day is celebrated every year on August 21. This delicious and authentic Italian dessert is made with cherry, chocolate (or vanilla), and pistachio ice creams blended with mixed fruits, almonds, and whipped cream. Sometimes people substitute cherry ice cream for strawberry or raspberry ice cream and mixed nuts for almonds.

Spumoni, plural for spumone, which means “foam” in Italian, originated in Naples, Italy, and was introduced to the U.S. by Italian immigrants in the 1870s. Thought to be the inspiration for Neapolitan ice cream, spumoni is typically served at Christmas, paired with cookies. It is also popular among Italian immigrants in Canada and Argentina.

How to Celebrate Spumoni Day

There’s no better way to celebrate this day with a big bowl of spumoni for dessert to beat the summer heat. Make the dessert from scratch or visit your local ice cream parlor for a scoop or two with friends. If making spumoni at home, don’t be afraid to use substitutes to put your own spin on the dish! For authentic Neapolitan spumoni, layer chocolate, cherry, and pistachio ice creams with mixed fruits and almonds, then top with whipped cream in a mold of your choice. Set the dessert in the fridge, slice, and enjoy for #NationalSpumoniDay

How many days until spumoni day?

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Upcoming dates for spumoni day

When is spumoni day 2024?Wednesday, August 21, 2024
When is spumoni day 2025?Thursday, August 21, 2025
When is spumoni day 2026?Friday, August 21, 2026
When is spumoni day 2027?Saturday, August 21, 2027
When is spumoni day 2028?Monday, August 21, 2028
When is spumoni day 2029?Tuesday, August 21, 2029
When is spumoni day 2030?Wednesday, August 21, 2030
When is spumoni day 2031?Thursday, August 21, 2031
When is spumoni day 2032?Saturday, August 21, 2032
When is spumoni day 2033?Sunday, August 21, 2033
When is spumoni day 2034?Monday, August 21, 2034