When is cheese pizza day?

cheese pizza day is next on Thursday, September 5, 2024

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cheese pizza day

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Cheese Pizza Day is celebrated every year on September 5 to commemorate the traditional cheese pizza. While everyone loves the classics such as barbecued chicken pizza, pepperoni, and pizza with pineapple, nothing beats the thrill of devouring a slice of humble but delicious cheese pizza. The cheap and easy-to-make cheese pizza was a staple in the diet of Italian peasants until the aristocracy discovered its greatness. The peasantry of Naples settled on simple cheese pizza because they didn’t have adequate meat to use for extravagant pizza toppings.

Today, the United States boasts more than 70,000 pizzerias, proof of pizza’s popularity in the country. The pizza industry generates more than 40 billion dollars every year in the United States, so it was sufficient to dedicate a whole day to this world-famous savory pie. No matter where people are located around the world, they should find time to celebrate Cheese Pizza Day.

How To Celebrate Cheese Pizza Day

Is there a better way to celebrate Cheese Pizza Day than throwing a pizza party? Call all your friends, order up or bake your delicious cheese pizza, and get down to the party. Put up some pizza party décor for extra fun and pizzazz this #NationalCheesePizzaDay

How many days until cheese pizza day?

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Upcoming dates for cheese pizza day

When is cheese pizza day 2024?Thursday, September 5, 2024
When is cheese pizza day 2025?Friday, September 5, 2025
When is cheese pizza day 2026?Saturday, September 5, 2026
When is cheese pizza day 2027?Sunday, September 5, 2027
When is cheese pizza day 2028?Tuesday, September 5, 2028
When is cheese pizza day 2029?Wednesday, September 5, 2029
When is cheese pizza day 2030?Thursday, September 5, 2030
When is cheese pizza day 2031?Friday, September 5, 2031
When is cheese pizza day 2032?Sunday, September 5, 2032
When is cheese pizza day 2033?Monday, September 5, 2033
When is cheese pizza day 2034?Tuesday, September 5, 2034