When is chocolate fondue day?

chocolate fondue day is next on Monday, February 5, 2024

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chocolate fondue day

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Chocolate Fondue Day is celebrated on February 5 each year. This wonderful holiday of the “unofficial” variety celebrates the much-loved culinary wonder known as chocolate fondue.

Chocolate fondue is a variation of the Swiss dish and associated cooking method called fondue, which is named for the process of melting hot cheese for dipping small skewered foods. Fondue pots can also use hot oil to cook meats, but the best dessert fondues are made from dipping fruits and other items in melted chocolate.

Eating fondue is a communal meal. A pot of hot melted goodness is in the center of the table, friends and family gather around the pot, and the dipping commences. Imagine the glorious taste of chocolate-covered strawberries, pineapple, orange pieces, apples slices, and berries—or, to create more sumptuous desserts, dipping cookies, biscotti, sweetbreads or pastries!

There are varying accounts of who exactly thought fondue could be taken to the next level by using chocolate instead of cheese, but according to all accounts, it was a mid-20th-century innovation. Whoever you are, we thank you!

How to Celebrate Chocolate Fondue Day

Celebrate this day by hosting a chocolate fondue gathering. Pull out your mom’s fondue pot and make chocolate fondue the main centerpiece at a party. Try dpping anything that goes well with chocolate! #ChocolateFondueDay

How many days until chocolate fondue day?

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Upcoming dates for chocolate fondue day

When is chocolate fondue day 2023?Sunday, February 5, 2023
When is chocolate fondue day 2024?Monday, February 5, 2024
When is chocolate fondue day 2025?Wednesday, February 5, 2025
When is chocolate fondue day 2026?Thursday, February 5, 2026
When is chocolate fondue day 2027?Friday, February 5, 2027
When is chocolate fondue day 2028?Saturday, February 5, 2028
When is chocolate fondue day 2029?Monday, February 5, 2029
When is chocolate fondue day 2030?Tuesday, February 5, 2030
When is chocolate fondue day 2031?Wednesday, February 5, 2031
When is chocolate fondue day 2032?Thursday, February 5, 2032
When is chocolate fondue day 2033?Saturday, February 5, 2033