When is toothache day?

toothache day is next on Sunday, February 9, 2025

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toothache day

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Toothache Day is celebrated on February 9 every year. National Toothache Day is not a celebration of how painful an infected tooth can be, but more of a celebration of how to avoid one! There is no origin story to go with this unofficial holiday, but you can bet that a dentist had something to do with it.

Toothaches are painful and usually avoidable, which is the entire idea behind Toothache Day. No one wants to celebrate the pain and discomfort of a toothache; therefore, everyone should be focused on getting good oral health care. This date is a reminder that you should see your dentist at least twice a year and take care of your teeth.

A combination of regular professional dental care combined with a good oral hygiene routine at home means you should never have to worry about celebrating this date with an actual toothache.

How to Celebrate Toothache Day

You can be a part of the celebration by scheduling your regular check-up with your dentist on February 9 each year. You can also ramp up your at-home oral health care by investing in a new toothbrush and other oral health care tools. Spread the word about oral health care! #NationalToothacheDay

How many days until toothache day?

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Upcoming dates for toothache day

When is toothache day 2024?Friday, February 9, 2024
When is toothache day 2025?Sunday, February 9, 2025
When is toothache day 2026?Monday, February 9, 2026
When is toothache day 2027?Tuesday, February 9, 2027
When is toothache day 2028?Wednesday, February 9, 2028
When is toothache day 2029?Friday, February 9, 2029
When is toothache day 2030?Saturday, February 9, 2030
When is toothache day 2031?Sunday, February 9, 2031
When is toothache day 2032?Monday, February 9, 2032
When is toothache day 2033?Wednesday, February 9, 2033
When is toothache day 2034?Thursday, February 9, 2034