When is salami day?

salami day is next on Saturday, September 7, 2024

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salami day

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Salami Day is celebrated every year on September 7 to honor the delicious and savory cured Italian sausage that you have probably enjoyed on a sandwich or at picnics. The day encourages people around the world to explore various types of salami. Salami is a cured, fermented, and air-dried meat particularly popular in Italy and the Mediterranean. This meat boasts an exceptionally long shelf life, and people can use it in many delicious recipes.

The first celebration of Salami Day took place in 2006 in Henrico, Virginia, as the brainchild of the Salami Appreciation Society (SAS). The organization thought that the salami was an often-overlooked meat and deserved a day to honor it. So, they assigned September 7 as Salami Day. Although no one knows the exact historical origin of salami, according to some researchers, Ancient Romans ate salami as part of a larger food group that contained salt as a preservative. That may be where it got its name because the Italians call salt “salare.”

How to Celebrate Salami Day

Invite friends and family to a salami-themed party and enjoy salami in any way you can imagine — in sandwiches, on pizza, or even baked into a lasagna or casserole. You might also consider taking a picnic with salami. Finally, post a picture of yourself with a slice of salami on social media using #NationalSalamiDay

How many days until salami day?

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Upcoming dates for salami day

When is salami day 2024?Saturday, September 7, 2024
When is salami day 2025?Sunday, September 7, 2025
When is salami day 2026?Monday, September 7, 2026
When is salami day 2027?Tuesday, September 7, 2027
When is salami day 2028?Thursday, September 7, 2028
When is salami day 2029?Friday, September 7, 2029
When is salami day 2030?Saturday, September 7, 2030
When is salami day 2031?Sunday, September 7, 2031
When is salami day 2032?Tuesday, September 7, 2032
When is salami day 2033?Wednesday, September 7, 2033
When is salami day 2034?Thursday, September 7, 2034