When is computer security day?

computer security day is next on Thursday, November 30, 2023

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computer security day

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Computer Security Day is celebrated on November 30 each year. This important day of recognition provides us with a reminder that we need to evaluate our computer security. Cybersecurity is so fundamental in today’s modern world; this national day of recognition is worthy of attention.

Not every “unofficial” holiday celebrates something fun or silly. Some of these holidays are worth paying attention to because they deliver essential reminders. Computer Security Day helps us all to remember to take computer security seriously.

Security breaches are always a risk for everyone. Each year there are billions of dollars lost to cybersecurity breaches. A day of awareness dedicated to raising awareness of the cybersecurity risks and the steps to prevent those risks is what Computer Security Day is all about.

How To Celebrate Computer Security Day

A great way to recognize this day is to ramp up your computer security measures. Update your security software, do a quick scan of your system to detect any risks, and change your passwords. Commit to passing the word on to friends and family about the importance of computer security. Share the message about Computer Security Day and encourage everyone to get proactive with their security with the hashtag #ComputerSecurityDay.

How many days until computer security day?

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Upcoming dates for computer security day

When is computer security day 2023?Thursday, November 30, 2023
When is computer security day 2024?Saturday, November 30, 2024
When is computer security day 2025?Sunday, November 30, 2025
When is computer security day 2026?Monday, November 30, 2026
When is computer security day 2027?Tuesday, November 30, 2027
When is computer security day 2028?Thursday, November 30, 2028
When is computer security day 2029?Friday, November 30, 2029
When is computer security day 2030?Saturday, November 30, 2030
When is computer security day 2031?Sunday, November 30, 2031
When is computer security day 2032?Tuesday, November 30, 2032
When is computer security day 2033?Wednesday, November 30, 2033