When is sewing machine day?

sewing machine day is next on Friday, June 13, 2025

Always know when is sewing machine day. Figure out how many days till sewing machine day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
sewing machine day

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Sewing Machine Day is celebrated on June 13 every year, and commemorates the day in 1790 when a patent was received for a very important invention – the sewing machine. It’s on this day that we celebrate Thomas Saint’s invention, and people like Elias Howe and Isaac Singer who took it to new heights in the 1850s. Indeed, this wonderful little tool has propelled our civilization. Without it, we would still be stitching clothes together by needle and thread, taking days instead of minutes! It can even be argued that the sewing machine has played a huge part in the economic and social empowerment of women around the world.

Although almost all of our clothes are made in a factory these days, many people are again becoming interested in the art of sewing, and making their own quits, clothes and other craft items. Dust off your old sewing machine and see what you can make.

How To Celebrate Sewing Machine Day Day

Have you had an interest in sewing? Perhaps you should take this day and try your hand at sewing. Bring out your sewing machine to sew a new pattern, or learn as you go from a tutorial. Get together with some like-minded friends and exchange sewing tips and tricks. #SewingMachineDay

How many days until sewing machine day?

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Upcoming dates for sewing machine day

When is sewing machine day 2024?Thursday, June 13, 2024
When is sewing machine day 2025?Friday, June 13, 2025
When is sewing machine day 2026?Saturday, June 13, 2026
When is sewing machine day 2027?Sunday, June 13, 2027
When is sewing machine day 2028?Tuesday, June 13, 2028
When is sewing machine day 2029?Wednesday, June 13, 2029
When is sewing machine day 2030?Thursday, June 13, 2030
When is sewing machine day 2031?Friday, June 13, 2031
When is sewing machine day 2032?Sunday, June 13, 2032
When is sewing machine day 2033?Monday, June 13, 2033
When is sewing machine day 2034?Tuesday, June 13, 2034