When is lazyload day?

lazyload day is next on Thursday, August 10, 2023

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lazyload day

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Lazyload Day is commemorated every year on August 10th and celebrates the joy of being lazy. The term stems from a coding practice of loading content only when needed. How many times has the hustle and bustle of life made you throw up your hands and wish for just one day to relax? Well, here is your chance, because this holiday promotes taking it easy. Lazyload Day is the unofficial holiday to embrace doing nothing, or like the coding practice, as little as possible, only when required.

Although Lazyload Day has no historical starting point, it continues to be celebrated every year around the world. This holiday promotes self-care, so take the time to kick back and celebrate by treating yourself to a day of restorative, lazy activities. There is something extraordinary about the joy of doing nothing, and who doesn't need a day dedicated to rest?

How to Celebrate Lazyload Day

So, how are you going to celebrate being lazy? There is no limit to what you can do, so what about indulging in a decadent mid-afternoon nap? Schedule a relaxing massage or skip cooking and washing dishes by getting dinner delivered. You can laze around on the couch for the day or lounge by the pool. The day only happens once a year, so make it a day to feed your inner couch potato. Choosing how you celebrate is the only thing left to do, so how do you want to spend it? Take a load off and celebrate #LazyloadDay this year!

How many days until lazyload day?

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Upcoming dates for lazyload day

When is lazyload day 2023?Thursday, August 10, 2023
When is lazyload day 2024?Saturday, August 10, 2024
When is lazyload day 2025?Sunday, August 10, 2025
When is lazyload day 2026?Monday, August 10, 2026
When is lazyload day 2027?Tuesday, August 10, 2027
When is lazyload day 2028?Thursday, August 10, 2028
When is lazyload day 2029?Friday, August 10, 2029
When is lazyload day 2030?Saturday, August 10, 2030
When is lazyload day 2031?Sunday, August 10, 2031
When is lazyload day 2032?Tuesday, August 10, 2032
When is lazyload day 2033?Wednesday, August 10, 2033