When is gummi worm day?

gummi worm day is next on Monday, July 15, 2024

Always know when is gummi worm day. Figure out how many days till gummi worm day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
gummi worm day

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Gummi Worm Day is held on July 15 every year to celebrate and honor the chewy, yummy sweet treats known as gummi worms. Yes, this holiday is dedicated to those tasty candies that kids love so much. Everyone has an opportunity to show their love for gummi worms on Gummi Worm Day.

Did you know that the word “gummi” means rubber in German? Gummi worms are green and red, but they come in a wide range of flavors, such as sweet and sour. First created and marketed by German candy company, Trolli, gummi worms are gelatin-based candies. Today, there are plenty of gummi candies in the market. The first gummy candies were created in 1922 by Haribo, which is another German company. While you can enjoy gummi worms on their own, they make great additions to deserts like casket pie and dirt pudding. You can also add them to your beverages, parfaits, and ice cream.

How to Celebrate Gummi Worm Day

Pick out a few bags of gummi worm flavors and enjoy them with family and friends. You can even learn how to make them from scratch. Bring gummi worms to work and share them with your colleagues to show your love for gummi worms on #GummiWormDay

How many days until gummi worm day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to gummi worm day

Upcoming dates for gummi worm day

When is gummi worm day 2024?Monday, July 15, 2024
When is gummi worm day 2025?Tuesday, July 15, 2025
When is gummi worm day 2026?Wednesday, July 15, 2026
When is gummi worm day 2027?Thursday, July 15, 2027
When is gummi worm day 2028?Saturday, July 15, 2028
When is gummi worm day 2029?Sunday, July 15, 2029
When is gummi worm day 2030?Monday, July 15, 2030
When is gummi worm day 2031?Tuesday, July 15, 2031
When is gummi worm day 2032?Thursday, July 15, 2032
When is gummi worm day 2033?Friday, July 15, 2033
When is gummi worm day 2034?Saturday, July 15, 2034