When is columnist day?

columnist day is next on Thursday, April 18, 2024

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columnist day

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Columnists Day is celebrated on April 18th each year in honor of Ernie Pyle, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who reported from the European and Pacific theaters during World War II. This holiday was created on the death anniversary of Ernie Pyle, who died while reporting in Okinawa. #ColumnistsDay is an excellent opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication of journalists who risk their own safety to keep the public informed. Informing the public is indeed dangerous at times.

History of Columnists Day

Ernie Pyle was born on August 3, 1900 in Dana, Indiana. He grew up in a rural farming community and wrote for his school newspaper. After graduating from high school in 1919, Pyle worked as a reporter for several small-town newspapers. He eventually left Indiana and worked for the Washington Daily News and the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain.

Pyle departed the country in 1942 to provide updates from the Second World War's European theater. His letters were extensively read by both military personnel and civilians, and he often wrote about the life of everyday troops. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his work in 1944.

After the war, Pyle returned to the United States and continued writing for the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain. In 1945, he embarked on a tour of the Pacific theater, where he was killed by Japanese machine-gun fire on April 18th.

How to Celebrate Columnists Day

Celebrating Columnists Day is a great way to honor the memory of Ernie Pyle and all journalists who have dedicated their lives to keeping the public informed. Here are some ways to celebrate:

1. Read a newspaper or magazine article - Pick up a newspaper, a magazine, or an online article that covers a current news story.
2. Thank a journalist - Reach out to a journalist or columnist and thank them for the work they do.
3. Share your favorite articles - Share your favorite articles on social media with the hashtag #ColumnistsDay.
4. Have a discussion - Talk to your friends and family about the importance of journalism and why it's important to stay informed.
5. Write an article - Write your own article and submit it to a newspaper or magazine.

With these simple tips, you can join in the celebration of Columnists Day and help to raise awareness about the hard work of journalists. So, pick up a newspaper today, thank a journalist, and celebrate #ColumnistsDay!

How many days until columnist day?

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Upcoming dates for columnist day

When is columnist day 2024?Thursday, April 18, 2024
When is columnist day 2025?Friday, April 18, 2025
When is columnist day 2026?Saturday, April 18, 2026
When is columnist day 2027?Sunday, April 18, 2027
When is columnist day 2028?Tuesday, April 18, 2028
When is columnist day 2029?Wednesday, April 18, 2029
When is columnist day 2030?Thursday, April 18, 2030
When is columnist day 2031?Friday, April 18, 2031
When is columnist day 2032?Sunday, April 18, 2032
When is columnist day 2033?Monday, April 18, 2033
When is columnist day 2034?Tuesday, April 18, 2034