When is grav mass day?

grav mass day is next on Wednesday, December 25, 2024

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grav mass day

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Grav-Mass Day is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. Though December 25 is more synonymous with Christmas, Grav-Mass Day aims to celebrate the birth of English mathematician and physicist Sir Isaac Newton. Responsible for formulating the laws of gravity and motion, Sir Isaac Newton is one of history’s most significant scientists. He is also credited as one of the inventors of calculus and lauded for his extensive work in alchemy and optics.

Though the holiday was created by internet rights activist and computer programmer Richard Mathew Stallman, many believe he was not the first to use the term. That honor goes to James Hogan, a science fiction writer. Hogan used it in one of his short stories called Merry Gravmas.

How To Celebrate Grav-Mass Day

Grav-Mass Day is set aside as a day to celebrate science and reason, and there are plenty of things you can do to mark it. For starters, you could celebrate the life of Sir Isaac Newton, sharing his discoveries and scientific ideas with friends. Stallman recommends decorating your Christmas tree with apples, the fruit that Newton credited for inspiring the concept of gravitation. Celebrate the contributions of one of history’s greatest scientists and mathematicians this #GravMassDay.

How many days until grav mass day?

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Upcoming dates for grav mass day

When is grav mass day 2024?Wednesday, December 25, 2024
When is grav mass day 2025?Thursday, December 25, 2025
When is grav mass day 2026?Friday, December 25, 2026
When is grav mass day 2027?Saturday, December 25, 2027
When is grav mass day 2028?Monday, December 25, 2028
When is grav mass day 2029?Tuesday, December 25, 2029
When is grav mass day 2030?Wednesday, December 25, 2030
When is grav mass day 2031?Thursday, December 25, 2031
When is grav mass day 2032?Saturday, December 25, 2032
When is grav mass day 2033?Sunday, December 25, 2033
When is grav mass day 2034?Monday, December 25, 2034