When is origami day?

origami day is next on Monday, November 11, 2024

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origami day

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Origami Day is celebrated every year on November 11 and honors the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into animals. The art of origami originated in Japan during the sixth century. For many years, it was reserved for religious ceremonies. During the 17th century, origami began to be used for decorative and ceremonial functions. Recently, origami has become so popular that there were origami societies created with origami competitions around the world.

Traditionally, origami uses only paper. No scissors or cutting is involved. The folds evoke plants and animals, sometimes with astonishing realism, which makes it that much more impressive. Modern-day origami artists have started to use scissors and glue to create a kirigami, which is a variation of origami that incorporates other tools.

How to Celebrate Origami Day

Get out some origami paper and start folding! If you aren’t creative or want to make sure your origami folding turns into a recognizable decoration, you can use some online resources or check out a book from your library to start folding some amazing paper creations. Origami creations can be used as place settings at dinner parties or decorations at a reception and are thin enough to slip into a card and mailed to a friend. Have fun with your origami creations and share them on social media with the hashtag #OrigamiDay

How many days until origami day?

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Upcoming dates for origami day

When is origami day 2024?Monday, November 11, 2024
When is origami day 2025?Tuesday, November 11, 2025
When is origami day 2026?Wednesday, November 11, 2026
When is origami day 2027?Thursday, November 11, 2027
When is origami day 2028?Saturday, November 11, 2028
When is origami day 2029?Sunday, November 11, 2029
When is origami day 2030?Monday, November 11, 2030
When is origami day 2031?Tuesday, November 11, 2031
When is origami day 2032?Thursday, November 11, 2032
When is origami day 2033?Friday, November 11, 2033
When is origami day 2034?Saturday, November 11, 2034