When is red rose day?

red rose day is next on Thursday, June 12, 2025

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red rose day

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Red Rose Day is celebrated on June 12 every year, and recognizes the rose, one of history’s most popular flowers and symbols of love and romance. Roses were cultivated as far back as 5000 years ago in China and grew in popularity over the centuries around the world and in Greece and Rome, where they were associated with luxury. Many artists from all over the world, from antiquity to this day, have been inspired by the beauty of the rose.

Red roses are much more than a symbolism of love. They are also known for their fragrance, décor, and are also cultivated for perfumes and healing teas. Roses come in all shapes and colors these days, from low growing shrubs to large profusely blooming bushes. They have been used in wedding decorations, used for medicinal purposes, as a luxury item, and have been the go-to gift on Mother’s Day, and especially on Valentine’s Day

How To Celebrate Red Rose Day

Celebrate Red Rose Day by learning more about rose cultivation and botany. There are many types of roses to learn about. Plant some rose bushes in your yard, or perhaps just treat yourself to some nice roses from your florist. Visit your local rose or botanical garden and enjoy an afternoon outdoors. Stop and smell the roses as they say. #RedRoseDay

How many days until red rose day?

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Upcoming dates for red rose day

When is red rose day 2024?Wednesday, June 12, 2024
When is red rose day 2025?Thursday, June 12, 2025
When is red rose day 2026?Friday, June 12, 2026
When is red rose day 2027?Saturday, June 12, 2027
When is red rose day 2028?Monday, June 12, 2028
When is red rose day 2029?Tuesday, June 12, 2029
When is red rose day 2030?Wednesday, June 12, 2030
When is red rose day 2031?Thursday, June 12, 2031
When is red rose day 2032?Saturday, June 12, 2032
When is red rose day 2033?Sunday, June 12, 2033
When is red rose day 2034?Monday, June 12, 2034