When is gumdrop day?

gumdrop day is next on Saturday, February 15, 2025

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gumdrop day

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Gumdrop Day attracts sweet tooths, candy lovers, and children all over America every February 15th. The gumdrop is one of the oldest confectionaries in America, with roots tracing back to the early 1800s. Most historians believe that American confectioner Percy Truesdell invented the gumdrop in 1801, around the same time that mustard was gaining popularity in the United States.

Gumdrop Day celebrates one of the first fruit and gelatin-based sweets in the country. It became even more popular during the 1940s when Eleanor Abbott developed Candy Land, a game to entertain children with polio, incorporating a Gumdrop Mountain and Gumdrop Pass. Today, you can buy gumdrops in thousands of different flavors and combinations.

How to Celebrate Gumdrop Day

The best way to celebrate a day about candy may not seem like a sensible or healthy choice, but there are plenty of other ways to reduce your blood sugar if that is your concern. For example, 46% of American sugar consumption comes from juice and soft drinks, compared to a minuscule 6% from candy.

Feel free to go to a local candy store and buy gumdrops or venture to make your favorite gumdrop flavors at home. Go back to simpler times and play Candy Land while listening to the song “Gum Drop” from the Crew Cuts for a sweet and memorable #GumdropDay.

How many days until gumdrop day?

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Upcoming dates for gumdrop day

When is gumdrop day 2024?Thursday, February 15, 2024
When is gumdrop day 2025?Saturday, February 15, 2025
When is gumdrop day 2026?Sunday, February 15, 2026
When is gumdrop day 2027?Monday, February 15, 2027
When is gumdrop day 2028?Tuesday, February 15, 2028
When is gumdrop day 2029?Thursday, February 15, 2029
When is gumdrop day 2030?Friday, February 15, 2030
When is gumdrop day 2031?Saturday, February 15, 2031
When is gumdrop day 2032?Sunday, February 15, 2032
When is gumdrop day 2033?Tuesday, February 15, 2033
When is gumdrop day 2034?Wednesday, February 15, 2034