When is world juggling day?

world juggling day is next on Saturday, June 14, 2025

Always know when is world juggling day. Figure out how many days till world juggling day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
world juggling day

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World Juggling Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday closest to June 17. This quirky holiday commemorates the anniversary of the foundation of the International Jugglers Association (IJA) in 1975. National Juggling Day was first observed in the 1980s to raise awareness on the art of juggling. By 1995, the event had reached a global audience and thus the name changed to World Juggling Day.

There are a wide variety of things you can juggle, as well as styles of juggling. The juggler makes it look so easy as various objects ranging from balls, pins, to knives and other crazy stuff swirl and loop elegantly through the air. This art form has been around for thousands of years by some estimates. Evidence of juggling can be seen in ancient Egyptian art, and in stories from ancient China.

How To Celebrate World Juggling Day

At the very least, give it an earnest try and attempt to juggle some basic safe items. Perhaps you can follow along with a YouTube tutorial. Try to learn more about this ancient art form, and attend some juggling contents or festivals where you can see the pros go at it. If you already know how to juggle, then why not make a video and post to social media. #WorldJugglingDay

How many days until world juggling day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to world juggling day

Upcoming dates for world juggling day

When is world juggling day 2024?Saturday, June 15, 2024
When is world juggling day 2025?Saturday, June 14, 2025
When is world juggling day 2026?Saturday, June 20, 2026
When is world juggling day 2027?Saturday, June 19, 2027
When is world juggling day 2028?Saturday, June 17, 2028
When is world juggling day 2029?Saturday, June 16, 2029
When is world juggling day 2030?Saturday, June 15, 2030
When is world juggling day 2031?Saturday, June 14, 2031
When is world juggling day 2032?Saturday, June 19, 2032
When is world juggling day 2033?Saturday, June 18, 2033
When is world juggling day 2034?Saturday, June 17, 2034