When is soup swap day?

soup swap day is next on Saturday, January 18, 2025

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soup swap day

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Soup Swap Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in January. This is a day dedicated to the love of soup. The purpose of Soup Swap Day is to swap your favorite soups with friends and family. If you’re someone who enjoys making and eating soup, then Soup Swap Day might be one of the best days on the calendar in your home.

Soup Swap Day is a relatively young holiday. Its origins lie in Seattle, Washington—it became popular in 2006. While there’s no doubt that Soup Swap Day is a US-based day, it is now celebrated by people in various countries across the globe. Soup Swap Day is about coming together to share great food and stories with each other—it’s an excellent excuse to see friends and family.

How to Celebrate Soup Swap Day

The best way to celebrate soup swap today is to swap soup with friends and family. As cooking soup can take preparation, it’s best to let friends and family members know in advance of the day. Organizing a formal soup swap party or activity is an excellent way to ensure good participation across the group. Take the opportunity to try a new soup recipe this #SoupSwapDay

How many days until soup swap day?

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Upcoming dates for soup swap day

When is soup swap day 2024?Saturday, January 20, 2024
When is soup swap day 2025?Saturday, January 18, 2025
When is soup swap day 2026?Saturday, January 17, 2026
When is soup swap day 2027?Saturday, January 16, 2027
When is soup swap day 2028?Saturday, January 15, 2028
When is soup swap day 2029?Saturday, January 20, 2029
When is soup swap day 2030?Saturday, January 19, 2030
When is soup swap day 2031?Saturday, January 18, 2031
When is soup swap day 2032?Saturday, January 17, 2032
When is soup swap day 2033?Saturday, January 15, 2033
When is soup swap day 2034?Saturday, January 21, 2034