2020 Holidays Canada

As with most countries, Canada's national holidays generally mark religious, quasi-religious or patriotic occasions. Statutory holidays are observed by federal employees and most Canadians, although increasingly, statutory holidays are becoming days for shopping and for large sales. Below is a listing of all Canadian public holidays and Parliamentary mandated observations. Have a look at our calendar with canadian public holidays pages for printable calendars with holidays in Canada..

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2020 Canada holidays

Holiday NameHoliday Date
New Years Day Wednesday, January 01 2020
Sir John A Macdonald DaySaturday, January 11 2020
Raoul Wallenberg DayFriday, January 17 2020
Lincoln Alexander DayTuesday, January 21 2020
Black History MonthSaturday, February 01 2020
National Flag of Canada DaySaturday, February 15 2020
Int Womens DaySunday, March 08 2020
Commonwealth DayMonday, March 09 2020
Journée Inte de la FrancophonieFriday, March 20 2020
Int Day for the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationSaturday, March 21 2020
Purple DayThursday, March 26 2020
Pope John Paul II DayThursday, April 02 2020
World Autism Awareness DayThursday, April 02 2020
Tartan DayMonday, April 06 2020
Vimy Ridge DayThursday, April 09 2020
Good Friday Friday, April 10 2020
National Wildlife WeekFriday, April 10 2020
National Volunteer WeekMonday, April 13 2020
National Organ and Tissue Donor WeekSunday, April 19 2020
Holocaust Memorial Day Yom HaShoahTuesday, April 21 2020
World Book and Copyright DayThursday, April 23 2020
Workers Mourning DayTuesday, April 28 2020
Journey to Freedom DayThursday, April 30 2020
Asian Heritage MonthFriday, May 01 2020
National Mining WeekMonday, May 11 2020
National Fiddling DaySaturday, May 16 2020
Victoria Day Monday, May 18 2020
Int Museum DayMonday, May 18 2020
National Aboriginal History MonthMonday, June 01 2020
Clean Air DayWednesday, June 03 2020
Canadian Environment WeekFriday, June 05 2020
National Day to Promote Health and Fitness for all CanadiansSaturday, June 06 2020
Canadian Armed Forces DaySunday, June 07 2020
National Blood Donor WeekSunday, June 14 2020
National Public Service WeekMonday, June 15 2020
National Aboriginal DaySunday, June 21 2020
National Day of Remembrance for Victims of TerrorismTuesday, June 23 2020
Celebrate Canada DaysWednesday, June 24 2020
Saint Jean Baptiste Day Fête nationale du QuébecWednesday, June 24 2020
Canadian Multiculturalism DaySaturday, June 27 2020
Canada Day Wednesday, July 01 2020
Canada History WeekWednesday, July 01 2020
Korean War Veterans DayMonday, July 27 2020
A Day of Commemoration of the Great UpheavalTuesday, July 28 2020
National Peacekeepers DaySunday, August 09 2020
National Acadian DaySaturday, August 15 2020
Merchant Navy Veterans DayThursday, September 03 2020
Labour Day Monday, September 07 2020
Int Literacy DayTuesday, September 08 2020
National Hunting Trapping and Fishing Heritage DaySaturday, September 19 2020
Int Day of PeaceMonday, September 21 2020
Police and Peace Officers National Memorial DaySunday, September 27 2020
Womens History MonthThursday, October 01 2020
National Seniors DayThursday, October 01 2020
Int Day of the Girl ChildSunday, October 11 2020
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 12 2020
Persons DaySunday, October 18 2020
World Day for Audiovisual HeritageTuesday, October 27 2020
National UNICEF DaySaturday, October 31 2020
Remembrance Day Wednesday, November 11 2020
National Philanthropy DaySunday, November 15 2020
Sir Wilfrid Laurier DayFriday, November 20 2020
Child DayFriday, November 20 2020
Holodomor Memorial DaySaturday, November 28 2020
Int Day of Persons with DisabilitiesThursday, December 03 2020
National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against WomenSunday, December 06 2020
Human Rights DayThursday, December 10 2020
Anniversary of the Statute of WestminsterFriday, December 11 2020
Christmas Day Friday, December 25 2020
Boxing DaySaturday, December 26 2020

2021 Canada holidays

Holiday NameHoliday Date
New Years Day Friday, January 01 2021
Sir John A Macdonald DayMonday, January 11 2021
Raoul Wallenberg DaySunday, January 17 2021
Lincoln Alexander DayThursday, January 21 2021
Black History MonthMonday, February 01 2021
National Flag of Canada DayMonday, February 15 2021
Int Womens DayMonday, March 08 2021
Commonwealth DayMonday, March 08 2021
Journée Inte de la FrancophonieSaturday, March 20 2021
Int Day for the Elimination of Racial DiscriminationSunday, March 21 2021
Purple DayFriday, March 26 2021
Good Friday Friday, April 02 2021
Pope John Paul II DayFriday, April 02 2021
World Autism Awareness DayFriday, April 02 2021
Tartan DayTuesday, April 06 2021
Holocaust Memorial Day Yom HaShoahThursday, April 08 2021
Vimy Ridge DayFriday, April 09 2021
National Wildlife WeekSaturday, April 10 2021
National Volunteer WeekMonday, April 12 2021
National Organ and Tissue Donor WeekSunday, April 18 2021
World Book and Copyright DayFriday, April 23 2021
Workers Mourning DayWednesday, April 28 2021
Journey to Freedom DayFriday, April 30 2021
Asian Heritage MonthSaturday, May 01 2021
National Mining WeekMonday, May 10 2021
National Fiddling DaySaturday, May 15 2021
Int Museum DayTuesday, May 18 2021
Victoria Day Monday, May 24 2021
National Aboriginal History MonthTuesday, June 01 2021
Clean Air DayWednesday, June 02 2021
National Day to Promote Health and Fitness for all CanadiansSaturday, June 05 2021
Canadian Environment WeekSaturday, June 05 2021
Canadian Armed Forces DaySunday, June 06 2021
National Blood Donor WeekMonday, June 14 2021
National Public Service WeekMonday, June 21 2021
National Aboriginal DayMonday, June 21 2021
National Day of Remembrance for Victims of TerrorismWednesday, June 23 2021
Celebrate Canada DaysThursday, June 24 2021
Saint Jean Baptiste Day Fête nationale du QuébecThursday, June 24 2021
Canadian Multiculturalism DaySunday, June 27 2021
Canada Day Thursday, July 01 2021
Canada History WeekThursday, July 01 2021
Korean War Veterans DayTuesday, July 27 2021
A Day of Commemoration of the Great UpheavalWednesday, July 28 2021
National Peacekeepers DayMonday, August 09 2021
National Acadian DaySunday, August 15 2021
Merchant Navy Veterans DayFriday, September 03 2021
Labour Day Monday, September 06 2021
Int Literacy DayWednesday, September 08 2021
National Hunting Trapping and Fishing Heritage DaySaturday, September 18 2021
Int Day of PeaceTuesday, September 21 2021
Police and Peace Officers National Memorial DaySunday, September 26 2021
Womens History MonthFriday, October 01 2021
National Seniors DayFriday, October 01 2021
Thanksgiving Day Monday, October 11 2021
Int Day of the Girl ChildMonday, October 11 2021
Persons DayMonday, October 18 2021
World Day for Audiovisual HeritageWednesday, October 27 2021
National UNICEF DaySunday, October 31 2021
Remembrance Day Thursday, November 11 2021
National Philanthropy DayMonday, November 15 2021
Sir Wilfrid Laurier DaySaturday, November 20 2021
Child DaySaturday, November 20 2021
Holodomor Memorial DaySaturday, November 27 2021
Int Day of Persons with DisabilitiesFriday, December 03 2021
National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against WomenMonday, December 06 2021
Human Rights DayFriday, December 10 2021
Anniversary of the Statute of WestminsterSaturday, December 11 2021
Christmas Day observed Friday, December 24 2021
Christmas Day Saturday, December 25 2021
Boxing DaySunday, December 26 2021
New Years Day observed Friday, December 31 2021
Table of Canadian public holidays and parliamentary mandated holidays.

Canada Public Holidays

What are the main holidays in Canada?

Holidays in Canada include these main statutory holidays below. These public holidays are usually observed in all provinces and territories across Canada.

New Years Day
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New Year's Day
New Year’s Day marks the first day of the year, January 1st, according to the Gregorian calendar. Many cultures celebrate this holiday as it marks the end of one year and the beginning of the next. For many, this day is symbolic in that it gives one an opportunity to reflect, assess accomplishment and failures, and marks a time to resolve to make positive changes for the future. Many celebrations occur to ring in the new year including fireworks at midnight, parades, time with family, and for many, New Year’s is the first national holiday of the year, and is a time to recover from New Year’s Eve celebrations the previous night.

Good Friday
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Good Friday
Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is a holiday rooted in the Christian faith. Good Friday is celebrated to reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. It is important to Christians because it marks the end of the bondage of sin. Most Christians attend a special sermon where they are reminded of the events that took place at Calvary.

Victoria Day
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Victoria Day
Victoria Day is a federal Canadian public holiday that is celebrated on the Monday preceding May 25. It was declared a holiday in 1845 in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday. For some, Victoria Day is a sign that summer is just around the corner. Today, it is a holiday that is observed throughout most of Canada with parades, outdoor events and activities like camping and elaborate firework displays. Quebec has its own holiday, also celebrated on the Monday before May 25th, called Journée Nationale des Patriotes.

Canada Day
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Canada Day
Canada Day is a national holiday that celebrates the anniversary of July 1, 1867, the effective date of the Constitution Act of 1867. This act united the three separate colonies of the Province of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into a single dominion within the British Empire called Canada. In many towns and cities, municipal governments organize celebratory events. These include pancake breakfasts, parades, concerts, carnivals, festivals, firework displays and citizenship ceremonies for new Canadian citizens. During celebrations, Canada's national flag is widely displayed and a lot of people paint their faces red and white, which are Canada's national colors. The celebrations in Ottawa, which is Canada’s capital city, are particularly exuberant.

Canadian civic holiday
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Civic Holiday
Civic Holiday is the most widely used name for a public holiday celebrated in most of Canada on the first Monday in August. The name "Civic" is in reference to municipalities (such as cities, towns, etc.) as this day is not a legislatively mandated public holiday across the country by the Canadian federal government. It is often given a different, more specific name by municipalities such as British Columbia Day in British Columbia, New Brunswick Day in New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan Day in Saskatchewan. Most people simply associate this holiday with having an extra day away from the office.

Canadian labour day
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Labour Day
Labour Day in Canada is celebrated on the first Monday of September. It originally gave workers the chance to campaign for better working conditions or pay, but now is used to honor all members of the workforce. The holiday is part of a long weekend for many Canadians, which unofficially marks the end of summer. Many seasonal attractions and vendors close after the weekend, and it is generally thought of as the start of the fall season for students and tourist attractions.

Canadian Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day is an annual Canadian holiday, occurring on the second Monday in October. This holiday marks the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Churches and homes are sometimes decorated with cornucopias, pumpkins, corn, wheat sheaves, and other harvest bounty. While the actual Thanksgiving holiday is on a Monday, Canadians may gather for their Thanksgiving feast on any day during the long weekend; however, Sunday is considered the most common. Foods traditionally served at Thanksgiving include roasted turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet corn, various autumn vegetables (mainly various kinds of squashes but also Brussels sprouts), and pumpkin pie. Canadian Thanksgiving coincides with the observance in the United States holiday of Columbus Day. As such, American towns with high levels of Canadian tourism will often hold their fall festivals over Thanksgiving/Columbus Day weekend, in part to draw and accommodate Canadian tourists.

Canadian Remembrance day
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Remembrance Day
Remembrance Day in Canada is a memorial day observed on November 11 (with a notable exception of NS, NWT, ON and QC). This day commemorates members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) who have died in the line of duty. All government buildings fly the Canadian flag on this day, and people remember those who fought for Canada during a two minute silence at 11am. Many people wear poppies before, and on the holiday to show their respect and support for Canadian troops.

Christmas Day
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Christmas Day
Christmas Day is a day in which many Christians around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many religious and cultural celebrations during this time. Some of the mot common traditions in Canada are to erect a Christmas tree, decorate the home, hang stockings by the fireplace, prepare a special meal of turkey and vegetables, visit friends and family, and attend a religious ceremony held at church.

Canadian holidays
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Boxing Day
Boxing Day falls on the day after Christmas, December 26th, and is a public holiday across Canada. It is a day off of work for everyone, and if you have to go to work, you should be paid time and a half! It gives people the chance to take part in post-Christmas sales, watch ice hockey games, or just relax with family and friends.