When is junk food day?

junk food day is next on Sunday, July 21, 2024

Always know when is junk food day. Figure out how many days till junk food day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
junk food day

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Junk Food Day is celebrated on July 21st each year. Although most people try to moderate how much junk food they ingest, Junk Food Day is the only acceptable time to give your diet the cold shoulder and indulge in all the greasy or sweet fat-laden goodness you can handle.

Junk Food Day’s origins remain unknown; however, some people believe it started when a group of health-conscious individuals decided to splurge and pamper themselves with calorie-soaked junk food for 24 hours. Others consider it as just another artificial holiday made by the fast-food industry to boost sales. Whatever the case, Junk Food Day gives us a one-day vacation away from our diets so that we can enjoy junk food’s simple pleasures.

How to Celebrate Junk Food Day

Celebrating Junk Food Day is as easy as visiting your favorite fast-food establishment and eating as many combo meals as your heart desires. Whether you choose a triple-decker cheeseburger or an extra-large pizza, nothing is off-limits on Junk Food Day. Give yourself an epic cheat day next time this decadent day rolls around. So, treat yourself to all the unhealthy food you crave this July 21st. Just remember, you are what you eat on #JunkFoodDay

How many days until junk food day?

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Upcoming dates for junk food day

When is junk food day 2024?Sunday, July 21, 2024
When is junk food day 2025?Monday, July 21, 2025
When is junk food day 2026?Tuesday, July 21, 2026
When is junk food day 2027?Wednesday, July 21, 2027
When is junk food day 2028?Friday, July 21, 2028
When is junk food day 2029?Saturday, July 21, 2029
When is junk food day 2030?Sunday, July 21, 2030
When is junk food day 2031?Monday, July 21, 2031
When is junk food day 2032?Wednesday, July 21, 2032
When is junk food day 2033?Thursday, July 21, 2033
When is junk food day 2034?Friday, July 21, 2034