When is common courtesy day?

common courtesy day is next on Friday, March 21, 2025

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common courtesy day

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Common Courtesy Day, celebrated every March 21, is an opportunity for people to show each other basic manners and politeness. While it’s something we should do every day, we often forget to show simple courtesies like greeting someone and saying thank you with our busy lives.

Common courtesy refers to basics practices or behaviors that are acceptable and appropriate within many social settings. However, what may be common courtesy in one society can still hold negative connotations elsewhere because there isn't always consensus among cultures.

Faux pas could include:

· Physical touch between unmarried men and women in Islam.
· Showing the backward peace sign in the United Kingdom (an insult).
· Leaving chopsticks upright in a rice bowl in China (signals death).
· Showing a tattoo of the Buddha in Sri Lanka (disrespect).

How to Celebrate Common Courtesy Day

Say “please” and “thank you” whenever you can on this day. If you recently received a gift or had a wedding celebration, now would be a good time to send handwritten thank-you letters to all those who attended or bestowed something upon you. Wait your turn in line patiently and hold the door open for your fellow passersby. Remember to share your thoughts about this day on social media with the hashtag #CommonCourtesyDay.

How many days until common courtesy day?

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Upcoming dates for common courtesy day

When is common courtesy day 2024?Thursday, March 21, 2024
When is common courtesy day 2025?Friday, March 21, 2025
When is common courtesy day 2026?Saturday, March 21, 2026
When is common courtesy day 2027?Sunday, March 21, 2027
When is common courtesy day 2028?Tuesday, March 21, 2028
When is common courtesy day 2029?Wednesday, March 21, 2029
When is common courtesy day 2030?Thursday, March 21, 2030
When is common courtesy day 2031?Friday, March 21, 2031
When is common courtesy day 2032?Sunday, March 21, 2032
When is common courtesy day 2033?Monday, March 21, 2033
When is common courtesy day 2034?Tuesday, March 21, 2034