When is lets laugh day?

lets laugh day is next on Wednesday, March 19, 2025

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lets laugh day

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Let's Laugh Day is a holiday observed on March 19 each year that encourages laughter and all things funny. Laughter never feels so good as when it bubbles up unexpectedly from time to time!

We have all heard that “laughter is the best medicine.” Laughing can be a valuable tool to improve your health. Studies have proven that if you want an increased immune response, lower blood pressure, and reduce the chance of heart disease, you should spend 10 to 15 minutes laughing in the morning or before bedtime. The best part about all this? You get benefits from laughing without breaking too much of a sweat!

This day should be taken seriously because we are celebrating not just our health, but a tradition for generations past and future. Let's get laughing with family or friends – you'll feel better than ever before!

How to Celebrate Let's Laugh Day

Watch your favorite comedy shows or funny movies show to get yourself going on this day. You could also read jokes and funny stories to get you in the mood. If you have the time, attend a stand-up comedy show with friends to revel in the fun atmosphere. Finally, don't forget to post your favorite joke on social media to get everyone else laughing with the hashtag #LetsLaughDay

How many days until lets laugh day?

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Upcoming dates for lets laugh day

When is lets laugh day 2024?Tuesday, March 19, 2024
When is lets laugh day 2025?Wednesday, March 19, 2025
When is lets laugh day 2026?Thursday, March 19, 2026
When is lets laugh day 2027?Friday, March 19, 2027
When is lets laugh day 2028?Sunday, March 19, 2028
When is lets laugh day 2029?Monday, March 19, 2029
When is lets laugh day 2030?Tuesday, March 19, 2030
When is lets laugh day 2031?Wednesday, March 19, 2031
When is lets laugh day 2032?Friday, March 19, 2032
When is lets laugh day 2033?Saturday, March 19, 2033
When is lets laugh day 2034?Sunday, March 19, 2034