When is meteor watch day?

meteor watch day is next on Friday, June 30, 2023

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meteor watch day

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Meteor Watch Day is celebrated on June 30th each year as an unofficial holiday to observe the night sky for meteor showers! On this day, look up at the sky to see what you might find. Meteors are shooting stars that are essentially parts of meteoroids that burn up when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere. While meteors seem like a rare occurrence, they fall down to Earth all the time! About 20 to 25 million meteors enter our atmosphere every day. They’re easier to see at night, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

While meteors are no stranger to Earth, meteor clusters also fall down to Earth from time to time. We know them as meteor showers. This beautiful phenomenon captures people’s eyes all over the world and puts on a truly remarkable show. These showers typically happen around the same time each year, so make sure you catch them when they do.

How To Celebrate Meteor Watch Day

For the next Meteor Watch Day, plan a party for you and your friends, if the weather conditions permit. Take out your blankets and head outside at nightfall to look for passing meteors. If it’s a clear night, you might be able to see a few! Go outdoors and look up during the next #MeteorWatchDay

How many days until meteor watch day?

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Upcoming dates for meteor watch day

When is meteor watch day 2023?Friday, June 30, 2023
When is meteor watch day 2024?Sunday, June 30, 2024
When is meteor watch day 2025?Monday, June 30, 2025
When is meteor watch day 2026?Tuesday, June 30, 2026
When is meteor watch day 2027?Wednesday, June 30, 2027
When is meteor watch day 2028?Friday, June 30, 2028
When is meteor watch day 2029?Saturday, June 30, 2029
When is meteor watch day 2030?Sunday, June 30, 2030
When is meteor watch day 2031?Monday, June 30, 2031
When is meteor watch day 2032?Wednesday, June 30, 2032
When is meteor watch day 2033?Thursday, June 30, 2033