Make a calendar

Calendar Maker. hacer calendario. faire le calendrier. δημιουργήσετε ημερολόγιο. skep kalender. erstellen Kalender. создать календарь . sozdat' kalendar'. kailendar. לוּחַ שָׁנָה . taqwim تقويم . 日历 Rìlì. Create your own custom Gregorian calendar in over 35 different languages, then print it or save it. Otherwise, try our ready to print calendar templates. Make a nice gift for mom and dad with a family photo calendar, or a favorite passtime. Print a calendar today!

How to use this tool

Simply customize each option as desired. Click on the numeric portion of the day to add notes. Ex click the number 5 to add notes to the 5th of the month. When you're done, press 'Export' button to save to jpeg or pdf. If your exported image is off center, then make a small change and re-commit the changes by pressing 'Apply/OK', and re-export your image using the export button . If you're still having issues in Chrome, then try to use Edge. Check out this blog post for a complete video tutorial.