When is dentists day?

dentists day is next on Thursday, March 6, 2025

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dentists day

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Dentist’s Day is celebrated on the 6th of March every year. While its origins are unknown, it is pretty clear why the profession deserves an entire day of observance. Yes, not many people like going to the dentist. However, our desire for sugars and sweet treats would have damaged our teeth a long time ago without them. That’s one of the reasons why dentists are one of the most indispensable professionals in the health industry.

Dentistry has been around for a very long time, with some of the oldest evidence tracing its existence as far back as 7000 BC. Back then, dentists had to perform their duties with strange cures like beeswax and flint tools to remove tooth decay. Dental patients back then also had to get their teeth pulled out without any anesthetic—imagine how painful that must have been!

How To Celebrate Dentist’s Day

Has it been a while since you’ve gone in for a dental check-up? Then perhaps you could celebrate Dentist’s Day by getting your teeth checked. If you feel there is nothing wrong with your teeth, you could still visit your dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Others choose to use this day to highlight the contributions of their dentist on social media, using posts with the hashtag #DentistsDay.

How many days until dentists day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to dentists day

Upcoming dates for dentists day

When is dentists day 2024?Wednesday, March 6, 2024
When is dentists day 2025?Thursday, March 6, 2025
When is dentists day 2026?Friday, March 6, 2026
When is dentists day 2027?Saturday, March 6, 2027
When is dentists day 2028?Monday, March 6, 2028
When is dentists day 2029?Tuesday, March 6, 2029
When is dentists day 2030?Wednesday, March 6, 2030
When is dentists day 2031?Thursday, March 6, 2031
When is dentists day 2032?Saturday, March 6, 2032
When is dentists day 2033?Sunday, March 6, 2033
When is dentists day 2034?Monday, March 6, 2034