When is microwave oven day?

microwave oven day is next on Friday, December 6, 2024

Always know when is microwave oven day. Figure out how many days till microwave oven day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
microwave oven day

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Microwave Oven Day is celebrated on December 6 each year. The microwave oven has changed how people cook by providing a convenient way to heat and cook food. Everyone worldwide can recognize a microwave and the power that it brings to the kitchen, but most people do not realize that the first patent for microwave technology was issued way back in 1945.

Like all great inventions, what we know as the modern-day microwave came to be purely by accident. An engineer named Percy Spencer was working on a radar system when he noticed a candy bar tucked in his pocket was melting from the waves. Spencer figured out how to use the microwaves safely to cook food. As they say, the rest is history.

Microwave ovens are now a common appliance in every kitchen in the United States and continue to increase in popularity worldwide.

How to Celebrate Microwave Oven Day

This December, try cooking something new in your microwave. Instead of simply throwing a bag of popcorn in the microwave, try roasting a chicken. Research recipes online that will expand your microwave food palette. Learn more about how a microwave works and spread the news to help others truly appreciate this wonderful invention on #MicrowaveOvenDay.

How many days until microwave oven day?

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Upcoming dates for microwave oven day

When is microwave oven day 2024?Friday, December 6, 2024
When is microwave oven day 2025?Saturday, December 6, 2025
When is microwave oven day 2026?Sunday, December 6, 2026
When is microwave oven day 2027?Monday, December 6, 2027
When is microwave oven day 2028?Wednesday, December 6, 2028
When is microwave oven day 2029?Thursday, December 6, 2029
When is microwave oven day 2030?Friday, December 6, 2030
When is microwave oven day 2031?Saturday, December 6, 2031
When is microwave oven day 2032?Monday, December 6, 2032
When is microwave oven day 2033?Tuesday, December 6, 2033
When is microwave oven day 2034?Wednesday, December 6, 2034