2021 Christian Holidays

Below is a listing of all major Christian holidays. Have a look at our calendar with holidays pages for printable calendars with holidays. Click on any holiday below for more details and dates for the next 10 years.


DateDayHoliday Name
Jan 02SaturdaySt Basil the Great
Jan 06WednesdayEpiphany
Jan 07ThursdayOrthodox Christmas
Jan 25MondayThe conversion of Paul
Feb 02TuesdayPresentation of the Lord
Feb 14SundaySt Valentine
Feb 17WednesdayLent begins
Mar 17WednesdaySt Patrick
Mar 19FridayJoseph of Nazareth
Mar 25ThursdayThe Annunciation
Mar 28SundayPalm Sunday
Apr 02FridayGood Friday
Apr 03SaturdayHoly Saturday
Apr 04SundayEaster Sunday
Apr 23FridaySt George
Apr 25SundayMark The Evangelist
May 01SaturdayPhilip and James Apostles
May 02SundayOrthodox Easter
May 13ThursdayAscension Day
May 14FridayMatthias the Apostle
May 23SundayFeast of the Pentecost
May 31MondayThe Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
Jun 10ThursdayOrthodox Ascension
Jun 11FridayBarnabas the Apostle
Jun 20SundayOrthodox Pentecost
Jun 24ThursdayBirth of John the Baptist
Jun 29TuesdayPeter and Paul Apostles
Jul 03SaturdaySt Thomas the Apostle
Jul 22ThursdayMary Magdalene
Jul 25SundayJames the Apostle
Jul 25SundayDormition of St Anna mother of the Theotokos
Aug 06FridayThe Transfiguration
Aug 15SundayThe Dormition of the Theotokos
Aug 24TuesdayBartholomew the Apostle
Sep 08WednesdayNativity of Theotokos
Sep 14TuesdayElevation of the Holy Cross
Sep 21TuesdayMatthew the Apostle and Evangelist
Sep 29WednesdayMichael and all Angels
Oct 18MondayLuke the Evangelist
Oct 28ThursdaySimon and Jude Apostles
Nov 01MondayAll Saints Day
Nov 21SundayPresentation of the Theotokos
Nov 30TuesdayAndrew the Apostle
Dec 06MondaySt Nikolas
Dec 25SaturdayChristmas Day
Dec 26SundayStephen Archdeacon First Martyr
Dec 27MondayJohn Apostle and Evangelist


DateDayHoliday Name
Jan 02SundaySt Basil the Great
Jan 06ThursdayEpiphany
Jan 07FridayOrthodox Christmas
Jan 25TuesdayThe conversion of Paul
Feb 02WednesdayPresentation of the Lord
Feb 14MondaySt Valentine
Mar 02WednesdayLent begins
Mar 17ThursdaySt Patrick
Mar 19SaturdayJoseph of Nazareth
Mar 25FridayThe Annunciation
Apr 10SundayPalm Sunday
Apr 15FridayGood Friday
Apr 16SaturdayHoly Saturday
Apr 17SundayEaster Sunday
Apr 23SaturdaySt George
Apr 24SundayOrthodox Easter
Apr 25MondayMark The Evangelist
May 01SundayPhilip and James Apostles
May 14SaturdayMatthias the Apostle
May 26ThursdayAscension Day
May 31TuesdayThe Visit of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth
Jun 02ThursdayOrthodox Ascension
Jun 05SundayFeast of the Pentecost
Jun 11SaturdayBarnabas the Apostle
Jun 12SundayOrthodox Pentecost
Jun 24FridayBirth of John the Baptist
Jun 29WednesdayPeter and Paul Apostles
Jul 03SundaySt Thomas the Apostle
Jul 22FridayMary Magdalene
Jul 25MondayJames the Apostle
Jul 25MondayDormition of St Anna mother of the Theotokos
Aug 06SaturdayThe Transfiguration
Aug 15MondayThe Dormition of the Theotokos
Aug 24WednesdayBartholomew the Apostle
Sep 08ThursdayNativity of Theotokos
Sep 14WednesdayElevation of the Holy Cross
Sep 21WednesdayMatthew the Apostle and Evangelist
Sep 29ThursdayMichael and all Angels
Oct 18TuesdayLuke the Evangelist
Oct 28FridaySimon and Jude Apostles
Nov 01TuesdayAll Saints Day
Nov 21MondayPresentation of the Theotokos
Nov 30WednesdayAndrew the Apostle
Dec 06TuesdaySt Nikolas
Dec 25SundayChristmas Day
Dec 26MondayStephen Archdeacon First Martyr
Dec 27TuesdayJohn Apostle and Evangelist