When is e day?

e day is next on Friday, February 7, 2025

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e day

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E-Day is celebrated on February 7 each year for countries that use the m/d format to indicate calendar dates (U.S.). In countries that follow the d/m format (most of Europe), E-Day is celebrated on January 27.

E-Day is a celebration of the math constant “E.” E, or Euler’s number (named after the mathematician that discovered this constant in math), is always equal to 2.7182818, hence the designated days of 2/7 or 27/1.

If you are not a math whiz, you may not know that “E” is an irrational number that is one of the most important numbers for calculations. Mathematicians use it primarily in complex number problems, logarithms, and to indicate exponential growths. Let’s just agree that “E” is complicated but essential—so it’s worthy of our recognition.

The mathematical E-Day should not be confused with the European E Day (January 1)—a celebration of the European Union’s adopting the Euro as a blanket currency in 2002. Be sure also not to confuse it with New Zealand’s eDay (October 4), when Kiwis clean all electronic waste from their environment and recycle it.

How to Celebrate E-Day

If you do not already understand what the “E” means and how it is used, this can be a great day to educate yourself. Consider researching all the ways that Euler’s number has had an impact, and share the news. #E-Day

How many days until e day?

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Upcoming dates for e day

When is e day 2024?Wednesday, February 7, 2024
When is e day 2025?Friday, February 7, 2025
When is e day 2026?Saturday, February 7, 2026
When is e day 2027?Sunday, February 7, 2027
When is e day 2028?Monday, February 7, 2028
When is e day 2029?Wednesday, February 7, 2029
When is e day 2030?Thursday, February 7, 2030
When is e day 2031?Friday, February 7, 2031
When is e day 2032?Saturday, February 7, 2032
When is e day 2033?Monday, February 7, 2033
When is e day 2034?Tuesday, February 7, 2034