When is near miss day?

near miss day is next on Sunday, March 23, 2025

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near miss day

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Near Miss Day on March 23 is a day we should be thankful for because it commemorates when Earth nearly came face to face with an asteroid. This asteroid, known as 4581 Asclepius, was about 300 meters wide and, if it hit, would have released energy equal to 1000 atom bombs! It missed Earth by a mere 450,000 miles.

Scientists and astronomers discovered the asteroid nine days after it had flown by Earth. Asteroids and meteoroids usually fly past our planet at a safe distance. According to NASA, there are not many space objects that can hit the Earth and cause an extinction-level event, so we can rest easy for now.

How to Celebrate Near Miss Day

Celebrate this day by marveling at the wonders of space. If you have a telescope, get it out and try to identify the planets or stars to learn more about asteroids, meteoroids, and other near-Earth space objects. Watch a space-related movie or TV series like Armageddon (1998), Deep Impact (1998), or The Expanse (2015). This is also a day to celebrate any second chances you’ve been given in life! Remember to share your thoughts on this day on your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #NearMissDay.

How many days until near miss day?

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Upcoming dates for near miss day

When is near miss day 2024?Saturday, March 23, 2024
When is near miss day 2025?Sunday, March 23, 2025
When is near miss day 2026?Monday, March 23, 2026
When is near miss day 2027?Tuesday, March 23, 2027
When is near miss day 2028?Thursday, March 23, 2028
When is near miss day 2029?Friday, March 23, 2029
When is near miss day 2030?Saturday, March 23, 2030
When is near miss day 2031?Sunday, March 23, 2031
When is near miss day 2032?Tuesday, March 23, 2032
When is near miss day 2033?Wednesday, March 23, 2033
When is near miss day 2034?Thursday, March 23, 2034