When is earths rotation day?

earths rotation day is next on Wednesday, January 8, 2025

Always know when is earths rotation day. Figure out how many days till earths rotation day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
earths rotation day

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Earth’s Rotation Day returns every year on January 8th for another orbit around the sun. The founders of this holiday wanted to honor and remember Léon Foucault, who was the first to demonstrate how the earth rotates on its axle. Before Foucault, humans had tried to figure out how the planet moved and functioned for thousands of years to no avail.

History’s scientists gradually made discoveries that proved that the earth was round and that it rotated on an axis and around the sun. However, it wasn’t until 1851 that Léon Foucault discovered how the earth rotated. Since his breakthrough, earth’s inhabitants have been able to make many more discoveries about our world, space, and the other planets that share it with us.

How To Celebrate Earth’s Rotation Day

As the earth rotates to bring you the sunrise and sunset this Earth’s Rotation Day, why not learn more about how this all works? Do some research into the great Léon Foucault and his amazing discoveries about the planet you occupy by visiting a science museum or local planetarium. Spend the day exploring natural wonders, learning about and appreciating the rotating earth beneath your feet and how it all fits into the universe this #EarthsRotationDay

How many days until earths rotation day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to earths rotation day

Upcoming dates for earths rotation day

When is earths rotation day 2024?Monday, January 8, 2024
When is earths rotation day 2025?Wednesday, January 8, 2025
When is earths rotation day 2026?Thursday, January 8, 2026
When is earths rotation day 2027?Friday, January 8, 2027
When is earths rotation day 2028?Saturday, January 8, 2028
When is earths rotation day 2029?Monday, January 8, 2029
When is earths rotation day 2030?Tuesday, January 8, 2030
When is earths rotation day 2031?Wednesday, January 8, 2031
When is earths rotation day 2032?Thursday, January 8, 2032
When is earths rotation day 2033?Saturday, January 8, 2033
When is earths rotation day 2034?Sunday, January 8, 2034