When is battery day?

battery day is next on Tuesday, February 18, 2025

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battery day

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National Battery Day lights up The United States every year on February 18th. The battery industry is rapidly evolving, and advancements in modern technology have made it hard to spot an AA or AAA battery unless you’re specifically looking for these types. Manufacturers now integrate batteries into devices to save space and power modern features, such as wireless and fast-charging technologies.

The first battery was a creation of physicist Alessandro Volta and popularized in the West by inventors like Benjamin Franklin. Now, it is hard to imagine surviving a day without batteries, so it seems fitting that people celebrate the invention once a year. Isn’t it amazing that we can now charge a 6,000 milliampere cell up to 70% in half an hour for two to three days of average smartphone usage?

How to Celebrate National Battery Day

As the world’s leading power storage devices, batteries drive remote controls, computers, and emergency lights. The Information Age ensures that you won’t find anyone who doesn’t use a battery as a mainstream component (smartphones, tablets, and many other devices).

You can celebrate National Battery Day in several ways, including:

· Being a responsible environmental steward and recycling batteries
· Reminding yourself of how essential batteries are to life

Why not share your thoughts and post pictures on online platforms? You can use the hashtag #BatteryDay.

How many days until battery day?

If you want to know how many more days, then here is your countdown to battery day

Upcoming dates for battery day

When is battery day 2024?Sunday, February 18, 2024
When is battery day 2025?Tuesday, February 18, 2025
When is battery day 2026?Wednesday, February 18, 2026
When is battery day 2027?Thursday, February 18, 2027
When is battery day 2028?Friday, February 18, 2028
When is battery day 2029?Sunday, February 18, 2029
When is battery day 2030?Monday, February 18, 2030
When is battery day 2031?Tuesday, February 18, 2031
When is battery day 2032?Wednesday, February 18, 2032
When is battery day 2033?Friday, February 18, 2033
When is battery day 2034?Saturday, February 18, 2034