When is thanksgiving day?

thanksgiving day is next on Thursday, November 28, 2024

Always know when is thanksgiving day. Figure out how many days till thanksgiving day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving Day is a commemoration of the “First Thanksgiving” which was celebrated by the Pilgrims after their first harvest in the New World. President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a federal holiday in 1863. in The feast lasted three days and was attended by both Native Americans and Pilgrims.

Symbolically, Thanksgiving is a day where all members of the community give thanks for the blessings of life and is a celebration of divine favor and kindness. Simply, we are to be thankful for what we have.

How to celebrate Thanksgiving

Americans traditionally celebrate Thanksgiving by having a special meal with family and friends. The meal usually includes turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and vegetables. Parades are usually held around the country with the most notable being the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade held in New York City. Many high profile athletic events are held during this time. Unofficially, Thanksgiving Day marks the opening of the Christmas shopping season. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, and is a favorite American holiday. It is also one of the busiest travel days across the United States. on #Thanksgiving.

How many days until thanksgiving day?

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Upcoming dates for thanksgiving day

When is thanksgiving day 2024?Thursday, November 28, 2024
When is thanksgiving day 2025?Thursday, November 27, 2025
When is thanksgiving day 2026?Thursday, November 26, 2026
When is thanksgiving day 2027?Thursday, November 25, 2027
When is thanksgiving day 2028?Thursday, November 23, 2028
When is thanksgiving day 2029?Thursday, November 22, 2029
When is thanksgiving day 2030?Thursday, November 28, 2030
When is thanksgiving day 2031?Thursday, November 27, 2031
When is thanksgiving day 2032?Thursday, November 25, 2032
When is thanksgiving day 2033?Thursday, November 24, 2033
When is thanksgiving day 2034?Thursday, November 23, 2034