When is world smile day?

world smile day is next on Friday, October 4, 2024

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world smile day

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World Smile Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year. A smile often expresses a feeling of joy, serves as a greeting, or offers encouragement to someone. World Smile Day is devoted to smiles and acts of kindness. Harvey Ball created the day in response to his creation of the famous yellow smiley face.

Did you know that smiling creates endorphins in the body that cause feelings of pleasure? On World Smile Day, some companies go the extra mile to set up events at local businesses. Over the years, the Harvey Ball Smile Foundation has hosted unique events, including pie-eating contests, circus performances, balloon releases, and college contests to spread cheer and get people to smile. The day is quite popular in Worcester, MA, the birthplace of the yellow smiley face.

How To Celebrate World Smile Day

Sometimes a smile is all it takes to make someone’s day. Dedicate the day to smile at people and give them words of encouragement. Little acts of kindness can also bring a smile to someone who may have had an otherwise bad day. Whether it’s a gift of something small, a cheery greeting, or a simple compliment, take action, and get more people to smile on this day. Share the experience on social media using #WorldSmileDay

How many days until world smile day?

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Upcoming dates for world smile day

When is world smile day 2024?Friday, October 4, 2024
When is world smile day 2025?Friday, October 3, 2025
When is world smile day 2026?Friday, October 2, 2026
When is world smile day 2027?Friday, October 1, 2027
When is world smile day 2028?Friday, October 6, 2028
When is world smile day 2029?Friday, October 5, 2029
When is world smile day 2030?Friday, October 4, 2030
When is world smile day 2031?Friday, October 3, 2031
When is world smile day 2032?Friday, October 1, 2032
When is world smile day 2033?Friday, October 7, 2033
When is world smile day 2034?Friday, October 6, 2034