When is first contact day?

first contact day is next on Saturday, April 5, 2025

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first contact day

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First Contact Day is a yearly holiday observed by Star Trek fans worldwide on April 5th. It celebrates the first encounter between humans and Vulcans in 2063. The holiday first appears in the episode Homestead of the Voyager series. Star Trek is a well-known American science fiction television series that debuted in 1966. It has amassed a tremendous fan base over the years, thanks to legendary characters such as Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock.

History of First Contact Day

First Contact Day is based on a pivotal moment that occurred in the Star Trek universe. In 2063, the human race made its first contact with the Vulcans, an alien species that had been observing humans for almost a century. This first contact marked the beginning of a new era of interstellar cooperation and exploration.

The anniversary of First Contact Day was originally mentioned in the Voyager series episode Homestead, in which the crew of the USS Voyager commemorated the anniversary. This was the first appearance of the holiday in the Star Trek universe, and it has since become a popular festival among enthusiasts.

How to Celebrate First Contact Day

First Encounter Day celebrations are simple and enjoyable. The first option is to dress like your preferred Star Trek character and get your friends to do the same. After that, you can all have some cheese pierogis, which were a featured dish for the celebration in the show, while watching a few episodes of the program.

You can also have a trivia night and test your knowledge of the show. Additionally, you can have a costume contest and award prizes to the most creative costumes. Finally, don’t forget to share your celebration on social media. For more info, check out First Contact Day

By hosting your own Star Trek themed party, you can have a fun and memorable time with your friends and family to celebrate First Contact Day. So don’t wait - get the party started and celebrate this important day in Star Trek history!

How many days until first contact day?

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Upcoming dates for first contact day

When is first contact day 2024?Friday, April 5, 2024
When is first contact day 2025?Saturday, April 5, 2025
When is first contact day 2026?Sunday, April 5, 2026
When is first contact day 2027?Monday, April 5, 2027
When is first contact day 2028?Wednesday, April 5, 2028
When is first contact day 2029?Thursday, April 5, 2029
When is first contact day 2030?Friday, April 5, 2030
When is first contact day 2031?Saturday, April 5, 2031
When is first contact day 2032?Monday, April 5, 2032
When is first contact day 2033?Tuesday, April 5, 2033
When is first contact day 2034?Wednesday, April 5, 2034