When is bow tie day?

bow tie day is next on Monday, August 28, 2023

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bow tie day

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Bow Tie Day is celebrated every year on August 28 to honor a classic accessory, a favorite of dapper dressers everywhere: the bow tie. Men usually wear bow ties during special celebrations or occasions. On this day, men do lots of activities — some buy unique bow ties to wear at the next event and others, with a designing talent, make their own ties or create ones for friends.

The history of the bow tie goes all the way back to Croatia in the 1600s when mercenaries wore scarves around the neck to fasten their collar together. One century later, the upper class in France started wearing similar scarves, also known as cravats. The modern-day bow ties descend from cravats and are often associated with black-tie events, weddings, and other special moments.

How to Celebrate Bow Tie Day

You don’t need to wait for a black-tie dinner to rock a bow tie! This August 28, wear a bowtie for fun, purchase a new bow tie for yourself or as a gift for a well-dressed person in your life. Borrow a vintage bow tie from a friend, father, or grandfather or design and craft your own if you’re feeling inspired. Have fun and enjoy #BowTieDay

How many days until bow tie day?

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Upcoming dates for bow tie day

When is bow tie day 2023?Monday, August 28, 2023
When is bow tie day 2024?Wednesday, August 28, 2024
When is bow tie day 2025?Thursday, August 28, 2025
When is bow tie day 2026?Friday, August 28, 2026
When is bow tie day 2027?Saturday, August 28, 2027
When is bow tie day 2028?Monday, August 28, 2028
When is bow tie day 2029?Tuesday, August 28, 2029
When is bow tie day 2030?Wednesday, August 28, 2030
When is bow tie day 2031?Thursday, August 28, 2031
When is bow tie day 2032?Saturday, August 28, 2032
When is bow tie day 2033?Sunday, August 28, 2033