When is make a hat day?

make a hat day is next on Sunday, September 15, 2024

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make a hat day

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Make a Hat Day is celebrated each year on September 15th. On this holiday, celebrators get together to express themselves through creative hat-making. Hats have been worn as accessories throughout history for many purposes. Whether they were used to protect people from weather, for religious purposes, or as part of a professional uniform, people have always worn hats.

Today, people wear hats for many of the same reasons, and hats today can also be used as a fashion statement. Make a Hat Day is a day where people can get together to make hats that express their style or can be worn for certain purposes. Hat-making is a craft that requires imagination and style.

How to Celebrate Make a Hat Day

On Make a Hat Day this year, get your friends or family together for a fun hat-making party. Gather plenty of supplies and materials so that people can make whatever kind of hat they want. Whether they want to knit a beanie or design an elegant, feathered hat, let people’s creativity flow through this fun activity. If you work with children, this can be a fun craft to try together too. Practice flexing your creative muscles this year on #MakeaHatDay

How many days until make a hat day?

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Upcoming dates for make a hat day

When is make a hat day 2024?Sunday, September 15, 2024
When is make a hat day 2025?Monday, September 15, 2025
When is make a hat day 2026?Tuesday, September 15, 2026
When is make a hat day 2027?Wednesday, September 15, 2027
When is make a hat day 2028?Friday, September 15, 2028
When is make a hat day 2029?Saturday, September 15, 2029
When is make a hat day 2030?Sunday, September 15, 2030
When is make a hat day 2031?Monday, September 15, 2031
When is make a hat day 2032?Wednesday, September 15, 2032
When is make a hat day 2033?Thursday, September 15, 2033
When is make a hat day 2034?Friday, September 15, 2034