When is red planet day?

red planet day is next on Thursday, November 28, 2024

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red planet day

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Red Planet Day is celebrated on November 28 every year to celebrate the planet Mars and all its wonder. Because of its appearance, Mars earned the nickname “the red planet.” It has held a fascination for humankind since we have turned to the heavens and observed this giant glowing red ball in the night sky.

November 28 is the anniversary of the day in 1964 when NASA launched a probe to Mars. What makes Mars so interesting that it gets its own day each year? It is earth-like in many ways. It is the seventh-smallest planet but one of the favorites for us here on earth. Cartoons and science fiction stories have featured Martians from the planet Mars for years.

How To Celebrate Red Planet Day

Set aside November 28 to look at the night sky and see if you can find Mars with your telescope. Do some research online or at your local library into what we know about Mars. View pictures of the planet that have been sent back to NASA by one of the five spacecraft that are in constant orbit. Whatever you do, spread the word to get other people interested with the hashtag #RedPlanetDay

How many days until red planet day?

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Upcoming dates for red planet day

When is red planet day 2024?Thursday, November 28, 2024
When is red planet day 2025?Friday, November 28, 2025
When is red planet day 2026?Saturday, November 28, 2026
When is red planet day 2027?Sunday, November 28, 2027
When is red planet day 2028?Tuesday, November 28, 2028
When is red planet day 2029?Wednesday, November 28, 2029
When is red planet day 2030?Thursday, November 28, 2030
When is red planet day 2031?Friday, November 28, 2031
When is red planet day 2032?Sunday, November 28, 2032
When is red planet day 2033?Monday, November 28, 2033
When is red planet day 2034?Tuesday, November 28, 2034