When is insurance nerd day?

insurance nerd day is next on Thursday, July 18, 2024

Always know when is insurance nerd day. Figure out how many days till insurance nerd day. Holiday dates available for the next 10 years...
insurance nerd day

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Insurance Nerd Day is celebrated on July 18th each year. The obscure holiday came about in 2016 after the Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company sought to break the stigma that the insurance industry was a boring career field. The company wanted to celebrate its employees by showing respect for their time and dedication to the insurance world. With each passing year, more and more insurance companies began participating in the festivities in hopes of ending the stereotype and bringing more attention to the field. Now, Insurance Nerd Day continues to grow alongside the thriving insurance industry.

How to Celebrate Insurance Nerd Day

To celebrate Insurance Nerd Day, simply thank a friend or family member who works in the field. Thanking a local insurance agent is one of the best ways to celebrate the strange holiday. If you want to begin a career in insurance, why not start by brushing up on your insurance knowledge on Insurance Nerd Day. Go to the website, InsuranceNerd.com, to learn more about what it takes to enter the world of insurance sales. Make sure to show your thanks to all the hard-working insurance nerds out there on July 18th by celebrating #InsuranceNerdDay

How many days until insurance nerd day?

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Upcoming dates for insurance nerd day

When is insurance nerd day 2024?Thursday, July 18, 2024
When is insurance nerd day 2025?Friday, July 18, 2025
When is insurance nerd day 2026?Saturday, July 18, 2026
When is insurance nerd day 2027?Sunday, July 18, 2027
When is insurance nerd day 2028?Tuesday, July 18, 2028
When is insurance nerd day 2029?Wednesday, July 18, 2029
When is insurance nerd day 2030?Thursday, July 18, 2030
When is insurance nerd day 2031?Friday, July 18, 2031
When is insurance nerd day 2032?Sunday, July 18, 2032
When is insurance nerd day 2033?Monday, July 18, 2033
When is insurance nerd day 2034?Tuesday, July 18, 2034